Artist: SSELLF
title: SSELLF
keywords: alternative, avant-garde, beats, electronic, experimental, glistening, naan, introspective, noise, post-punk, Auckland
reviewer: Willem van O.

SSELLF by SSELLF (aka Christoph El Truento) is selling like hot baked cookies,
and you might wonder what it is exactly that makes this nine alternative tracks so irresistible. As part of our internal team of researchers I’ve been checking it out, chewing, sniffing, crumbling, analyzing and even sit close to the speakers to hear it.
The first bite was ‘track 1’ and it tasted like underground material, a nice step in the right direction and certainly grabbing the attention to what would appear next.
The next thing was superbly ‘Super’ and from here the release simply overwhelmed me with a flavor that makes it irresistible. SSELLF doesn’t need a boy/girl scout to sell it, as SSELLF’s sounds will sell itself.

^ no girl scout is needed to SSELL SSELLF's SSELLF as SSELLF SSELLS it SSELLF

^ no girl scout is needed to SSELL SSELLF’s SSELLF as SSELLF SSELLS it SSELLF

It’s probably because these nine tracks of SSELLF are ‘Self centred’ and don’t seem to be made to please anyone but SSELLF itself, which is probably the right trick why it all sounds so pleasing and appealing. It’s a great mix of introspective noise avant-garde that nicely found a middle point of rhythm, electric beats and adventurous illustrious dark themes. One moment SSELLF provides consumerist friendly danceable energy blasters and one moment later you are trapped in an experimental world with unidentified electric sounds. It’s here in those tracks that are made for listening that somehow a post-apocalyptic mysterious intimate scenery opens and intrigues. It’s as if the listeners have been tricked into a small box and SSELLF puts things in to feed our thoughts and personal imaginations. When things might get too intimate SSELLF self-regulates and gives us something to hold on too; a beat, a big fish, a little light, a rhythm or simply a new track to fall in.

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