The DEPuties – Vote For Us

artist: The DEPuties
title: Vote For Us
keywords: pop, comedy, political, social commentary, United Kingdom
reviewer: Simon Hit

The DEPuties are the music band of the political party ‘Do Everything Party’ based in the UK. The band consist of twins Mike Lown and Zac Lown who co-wrote and sang most of the songs. To make the usual confusion that people have with twins less confusing, the twins released each songs as a different release. Mike sings his songs on ‘Mike’s songs’ and Zac on ‘Zac’s Songs’ , but there are lots of other singers and musical guests which without, these ‘precious’ songs couldn’t exist. Ivan Maistrovich is the political producer / recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist behind this production and we should give him kudos for making these releases possible.

Politic isn’t a very popular subject and it’s good to see a political party having a band to make their ‘political’ stand points more clear to resisting young voting youngsters, and others who would normally wouldn’t vote.. It’s a great idea! BUT.. my god these songs, they will probably not create new voters.. It’s just boring, very long and unlike their funny looking dress ups for each cover; there is a real nitwit bitterness to it all. There might be humor in it somewhere, but in all fairness; it isn’t a very obvious one.  Perhaps music and political agendas and social commentary don’t really go together? Maybe that’s why there are so very few political parties with their own party band?
It’s a lost opportunity as both album covers really made me expect a fun political clown party, a political club who will give free rubber duckies away when you promise to vote for them. But unfortunately it’s a treatment of fact fingering, a bit of petshop material, social music for the unsociable with a lot of story to it all. It would be nicer if it all was a bit more catchy like the ‘hit’ ‘Vote For Me’ , as keeping things short and simple is always a good thing .. something with plastic trumpets and a kazoo will get people to vote.. free chocolate pudding would help too..

Don’t get it wrong, you can hear that the songs are well intended and you can hear that they are done by a bunch of nice people, but in all honesty and with all due respect, these well intentional albums suck. No idea for who these songs are.. perhaps for use in internal political private parties; a bit of comical brainwashing for the members of the DEP party? But they might function well to be played on repeat to non voters who are tied to a chair by these illustrious twins, who will only stop playing them until the tied-up ones promise to go vote for DEP.. It’s perhaps a music form of torture, and if you are a self hating individual that are into this kind of stuff without being forced too; we recommended Zac’s Songs above Mike’s..

Can’t believe it’s not butter.. And can’t believe I’ve listened to them all..
Seriously, everyone in the UK would vote for DEP if they quit this musical arm of their party. It’s a bit of a drastic tactic perhaps, but it will work 100%!

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