extra-tourist – Adventure Time

1Artist: extra-tourist
title: Adventure Time
keywords: breakbeat, Break-YodelOpéRap, electronic, experimental, fun, essential hit album
label: Darling DaDa http://www.darlingdada.com/

The darlings under the record labels ‘Darling Dada’ have just released a number one hit wonder album by their favorite darlings ‘extra-tourist’. To make you, darlings extra interested; this fantastic hit album counts the tremendous amount of 15 fun-tastic tracks! The darlings have certainly done their best to create and deliver this release in its top notch state of amazingness! The kindness of Darling DaDa and the oh so talented ‘extra-tourist’ knows simply no boundaries as this brilliant hit after hit album is not for sale! What? Not for sale? Yes, not for sale! But how can it be a hit album if it is not for sale, you might ask.. Download the album for free as many, many, many, many times as you can! The more you download it, the higher this album kicks in the local hit parade!

Let your friends download it, or your neighbors, frenemies, cats, dogs, mums, dads, grand dads, grand-mums, nieces, nephews, random pedestrians; the whole world download this freaking album!
Push this free album high up in the charts, whatever the charts may be: this album deserves a number one spot. Download it multiple times on your computer at home, at work, on your phone, in your brain, on your ex’s craptop, in the library.. Let it steam up above the katy perry’s, the maradonna’s, the lady gaga’s and push the lady DaDa’s rule the album charts once and for all!

^ the extra-tourist for number one!

^ the extra-tourist for number one!

With your tremendous support for free amazing music, and mostly for this crazily entertaining album by ‘extra-tourist’; the album will have no problem shining on number one in the entire world!
But of course.. we need more! We need a single! And unbelievable as it already may seem; Darling DaDa’s favorite darlings ‘extra-tourist’ have one! And they even fixed a very amazing over-the-top super extravagant super video clip for it! It got everything to be an instant single hit! It has the medical experiment gone wrong, the covering of the trendy trend among pop stars; ‘the end of the world’, an amazing space flight, popping eyes, a random chicken, beautiful big lips, fun, and of course a very happy ending! And ah! How could we forget? Music! It got music too!

^ the extra-tourist worked hard for your entertainment, now its time to download and stream back!

^ the extra-tourist worked hard for your entertainment, now its time to download and stream back!

So let’s do it the lady Gaga way, play this amazing hit single video on repeat, all day and night, on as many computers as possible.. make the counter go up in the trillions as big chart dominators like Billboard should count every streaming click and.. Boom! Get ‘THE EXTRA CLIP’ on numbero uno all around the globe!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Now that we have discussed the objections of our mission, here is the video clip and below it you will find the magical link to download this album for infinite times!

Download this album for free as much as you want over here:
(big thanks to Linda Pinda!)

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2 Responses to extra-tourist – Adventure Time

  1. Linda says:

    And in turn big thanks to Jankenpopp who posted this on the headpapers. Who also released a new album last weekend (http://www.lowtoy.com/portfolio/jankenpopp-teh-art-of-party-trolling/).

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