Pen Parker – I’m Level Four

Artist: Pen Parker
title: I’m Level Four
keywords: idm, abstract, electronic, microsound, glitch
label: PicPack

I never understood the whole thing with the ‘Parker Pen’, a pen marketed as a luxury pen that can write like other pens. But when you throw the words ‘Parker Pen’ around and get ‘Pen Parker’ interesting things happen. It is music to my ears, and probably music to your ears too.  It’s the kind of luxury I wanted; nothing to hold in between my fingers to write with, but actual free intelligent sounding lounge glitch IDM electronica that you can listen while doing absolutely nothing. Not that using your ears is doing nothing, but it’s higher up on the scale of ‘doing nothing’ than having a ‘Parker Pen’ in your hand, and attempting to write something with it.

Some brave souls who actually own a ‘Parker Pen’ might actually try out writing with it while listening to this music by ‘Pen Parker’, as who knows; maybe instead of words from ink; parker-pen-pen-parker-art might be flown out of your wrist and on a piece of paper. I envision circles, pretty ink drops, nicely done fluent ink corners. Thinking about it; this music by Pen Parker has somehow made me realize how much I would like to have a Parker Pen right now. Just to try some things out, see how well it actually writes, what the fuzz is about, and what comes out when listening to this nicely programmed electronica.

Perhaps a cheap non brand-name pen or even a ballpoint pen might do the same tricks, but it simply wouldn’t be the same. I guess unless someone over at ‘Parker Pens’ wants to sponsor us with a box of them, we will never know if this relaxing release by Pen Parker has an interchangeable relationship of magic between this pen and the music. Might we just have witnessed a sneaky new form of advertisement? Something that comes in the form of a music maker with music, but is actually secretly invading our brains in order us to buy products we don’t need and would normally despise? Nah, let’s not think too deep as the music is free and for this price pretty damn luxurious:

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