Jung An Tagen – Live, Ö1 Funkhaus

qArtist: Jung An Tagen
title: Live, Ö1 Funkhaus
keywords: electronic, electronica, live, chair dance, fitness, exercise

The infamous chair dance is the newest exercise hype, slowly turning sport and dance schools into chair venue’s with hot heated chair-dance fitness participants. The traditional costumes of spandex, or more loosely suited sportswear is not allowed when doing the ‘chair-dance’ exercise, as the sequence of movement needs the sportive fitness people dressed in warm winterish clothes. A warm body-warmer, a vest, a winter coat.. Some of the over enthusiastic participants even wear gloves and mittens, but this is really for the ones who take the hype to the new extreme.
2The action of the seated body movements gets the whole body hot, burning off significant amounts of body fat.  This is why the warm winterish clothing is so essential to this new fitness phenomena; the warmer you dress to do the exercise, the more pounds you lose and how thinner you’ll look.
Not that there is anything wrong with a largely build body, but beware that this seated fitness exercise is one that will definitely burn body fat.  Braincells might be affected too, but excessive damage can be contained by wearing the specially designed ‘chair-dance’ cap.

^ the latest fitness hype 'chair-dancing' shown here by its inventor

^ the latest fitness hype ‘chair-dancing’ shown here by its inventor

The following video is a demonstration by inventor, music maker, performer and brain behind this ‘chair-dance’ fitness exercise.  In front of the willing eyes of deeply concentrated crowd of future ‘chair-dance’ instructors, our hero ‘Jung An Tagen’ sits on a chair behind a table. He is of course dressed in the right amount of winter-fitness gear and has his special fitness machine on the table in front of him. The machine gives the instructor instructions to press certain buttons, which ‘Jung An Tagen’ does in order to show how this all works. The machine makes the rhythm, the melody and the groove for the participants to move in. Jung An Tagen shows how to do this specially by him invented standard ‘chair-dance’ dance in full exposure.

^ a step of the fitness 'chair-dance' in full action

^ a step of the fitness ‘chair-dance’ in full action

First it’s just the light hand and finger movements that have to cooperate together, moving them outward and then towards the body in separate ways. The next step is the head and the upper torso that moves from front to back. The head might be even slightly tilted when doing this exercise, but please be aware that this might need some extra training before actually going for it. The last step is the front of the feet that goes up and down in sync with the music. Mind you that you do this without ever lifting the back of the feet off the ground. (see example below:)
1When enough fat has been burned, or you had simply enough of the ‘chair-dance’ fitness session; feel free to plug off and stand up for an applause from your closest instructor, or fellow participants.
1In case you too want to be an instructor and need training from the inventor himself:
good news as the next following ‘chair-dance’ fitness seminar will be held Saturday 23 May at Gifgrond (the Netherlands).. For others who can’t make it, try observing this instructional video as good as you can:

for more instructional movies you can check Jung An Tagen on Vimeo
or the main Jung An Tagen exclusive fitness club on tumblr.

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3 Responses to Jung An Tagen – Live, Ö1 Funkhaus

  1. Linda says:

    Ah, this works múch better behind a desk in the morning. Hitting the buttons as fast as I can in a swinging motion, from left to right, wigglin’ the lower back and relaxing the shoulder muscles. Gently weeping, turning the head when the typing soothens into the final swirl. Good there’s internet for enjoying this at the office!

  2. kainobuko says:

    are you wearing the appropriate clothing? 😉

    • Linda says:

      I have to admit, I’m a bit lacking in that department. I’m a vivid bodywarmer user when I travel by bicycle, but luck has shone upon me and I am a car driver for a few weeks now. Having me go without any coat not bodywarmer at all. It even enables me to wear dresses (it has been told I look like someone else, so today I got comfy in pants again). As a newbie chair-dance-exerciser, is the combo tee-sweater allowed? (in order to become sweatery hur hur hur)

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