BlackONwhite – Vision of Oblivion

artist: BlackONwhite
title: Vision of Oblivion
keywords: experimental, guitars, percussion, psychedelic, trance, Roxbury Township
reviewer: Willem van O.

This creature is Rick Hoffman, a fine artist of original rock and roll portraits, and above all a very seasoned and skilled long lived special kind of music maker. He has recorded more than 500 songs and assembled 12 complete albums, and if they are all sounding like his latest BlackOnWhite’s ‘Vision of Oblivion’; you’ll probably be interested. These 25 tracks captured on this album are not definable as normal music; these songs rise above the standards, travel through walls, exploring colorful wastelands of extreme mind travels. ‘Vision of Oblivion’ is no music collection, but a fine audio version of the best possible LSD on the planet.
Rick Hoffman has been cultivating this style since the early 60s, and basically crafted his psychedelic music into great perfection. The colorful world that the album builds is one in which you wane through a ultimate highness, able to walk through walls, bounce through rubber floors. It is not the case of it being an album that comes as close as the real deal; IT IS THE REAL DEAL.
You will instantly fall in a world in which there are no boundaries, no limitations, full of auras and color alterations. There will be no doubt that once you play this release; you will be amazed by the warm vision alterations triggered through sound, that can only be described as high-grade LSD for the ears.

Music wise he has blended the style that ‘The Byrds’ had created during the ‘8 Miles High Period, with a homage to Syd Barret’s style compositions from the 1st Pink Floyd Album Era. Vocal wise he has inserted a diverse blend that vary from Surfs Up’ Beach Boys, Arthur Lee of ‘Love’, Skip Spence, to the one and only Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine.

Basically he has took the best ingredients of psychedelia old-timers, and synthesized them to make the best possible audio LSD on the freaking planet. You don’t need to go out clubbing or roaming the street lurking for a drug dealer as ‘Vision of Oblivion’ , can simply be pre-ordered over at the following link. It might be 10 dollar, but this audio LSD will last forever and ever. Once you have it; you will basically never run out.

It’s not a good deal, it is a great deal! Think about all the traveling you could do when going for a ‘Vision of Oblivion’ session, think about all the things you will see, the colors that will glow in your ears, the strange adventures that you will encounter with Rick Hoffman’s expertise as your trustworthy guide in psychedelic lala lands. You might get so high, you’ll even want to get yourself a souvenir!
The album will drop the 15th of may, and we are all counting the days that its magical drops will alter the entire universe. You can be on top of this psychedelia sensation, by claiming a copy over at the following link:
for more about Rick Hoffman, his work, his art collectables, more music, and other things;
please be free to visit his official website. (before floating away through your internal galaxy!)

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3 Responses to BlackONwhite – Vision of Oblivion

  1. Linda says:

    I fell nearly asleep above my morning coffee ;P Nah, very relaxy music waves. From the posing in the pictures I’d expected a bit more rock ‘n roll but this floating is nice too.

  2. bkonwh says:

    Theres 25 songs if you want rock go to “The Black Ship” album closer. Most of it is dreamy – psychedelia –

  3. bkonwh says:

    album released today listen to ALL 25 songs now anytime for free

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