Pulsar – Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix)

artist: Pulsar
title: Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix)
cat: (02 label 04 – 099)
keywords: new age, electronic
label: O2 Label
reviewer: Willem van O.

There she sits, her wings open wide.. Which side of her wings will you sit under?
The left, or the right? Yeah, I know.. Me either.. But hey, that’s what this release is all about, sitting under an angel wing, so it would probably break her heart if none of us wants to sit under her feathered wings.

Strangely I had the feeling that it would be an awkward experience; having the idea that this angel would have sweaty armpits, a bad odor of pigeon-poop as there is probably no such thing as deodorant for angels in heaven. But ah, it makes sense as this angel is down here on earth (a place with lots of smelly people and tons of deodorants) , and instead of a bad smell of fish and potatoes, my nose can pick up music from her pit.

^ armpits!

^ armpits!

The angel hums with a golden voice, and whispers that we are dealing here with some angel wing mix. Perhaps its music picked up from the angel her travels and now brought together flowing from underneath her armpits, but to be honest; I don’t really believe that this is really music made by an angel. It sounds way too human, something you could see a new-age producer producing on its day off; something with beats, bits of synth bliss and vocals to twiddle with that pop out mysterious phrases like ‘yeah yeah yeah, ‘ooh ooh’ and ‘nature’.

It’s something you would expect to hear on a late night radio program, played on an hour that normal people are already sleep walking towards the fridge for a midnight snack.  (who is in the mood for frozen chicken wings?)

The angel woman drops another word that I take note off. ‘silence’ she says in a dominant enlightened way. It’s good that this is typed text and nobody talks loud through this angel wing mix.
You don’t want to upset this creature as those large wings are as dangerous as those attached to a swan. If they start to flap angrily the angel wings can easily snap our necks. Just pretend that we like the mix and sit through it all like some spiritual new age yoga master.

^ hi!

^ hi!

Don’t get me wrong; there is something angelic to it perhaps, but it’s for a free release strangely sounding like it’s a ‘commercial’ angel. It’s a complex mix of feelings that this mix brings up; it has enough variation and has a real thickness to it, drama with angelic chords, guitar and deep bass and even a starlight twinkle here and there. Yet, I don’t feel really comfortable under this odorless wing, listening to this sleepy ‘lover’s rock’ ,day dreaming away while fantasizing about French tongue-kissing with Enya. You know when there is something wrong when you start hunkering to the music of Enya, but when you are dreaming of exchanging saliva with her, you are simply wading in the danger zones.

^ Hi, Honey!

^ Hi, Honey!

Ah, I see that you have fallen asleep. I guess you like this angel mix quite a bit, he? Or did her armpit on your side actually did smell unpleasant? I guess this angel wing sitting is not for everyone, and if you don’t mind; I’m crawling my way out of here. Hope nobody will notice and I don’t fall asleep before finalizing my escape. If this is your kind of angel, than please do take my place under her angel wing.. It’s yours.. Completely.. Bring another sleepy friend, or perhaps just a pillow (and pretend it’s a friend).. (at least a pillow doesn’t complain, nag or will make fun out of you, if in case  you truly enjoy sitting under this angel wing, listening to this lengthy new age mix…)

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