Vomir / Nascitari – Sameness

Artist: Vomir / Nascitari
title: Sameness
cat: WARD011
format: c60 cassette
keywords: experimental, harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Rome, HNW
label: Signora Ward Records https://www.facebook.com/SignoraWardRecords

The creation of a good Harsh Noise Wall is a difficult art so devine, that some serious artists have devoted their lives, music-careers and all their spare time in order to master it.  One of the masters and heroes who have conquered the wall many times,
is a legend in the field of harsh noise wall makers; Vomir. Excessive study, hard harsh research, and tons of concentration had made Vomir one who is on top of the HNW game.
Vomir is seen as an oracle for people who want to know more about the wall,
but also as a promising hero that new noise makers can look up too like a true icon.
Bricks in a wallOut on a magnificent high quality label we meet one of Vomir’s excellent trademark walls.
Vomir’s wall is ‘untitled’ because a title would only distract from the great music that is captured here. The powerful sound of Vomir is showcased here in all its decency, making sure that no dynamics are interfering with the tremendous sounding wall. This is the art form shining in its pure perfection, proudly standing firm in an exciting condition of the finest concrete. It is here that the HNW can be adored, obeyed and worshipped as Vomir has mastered it into great perfection.
1Of course Vomir’s side is half an hour long of pure awesomeness, making this already a must have in any HNW lover’s collection. Surprisingly and with great enthusiasm I can tell you that this amazing work by Vomir has been teamed up by a work from Nascitari. Perhaps ‘Nascitari’ is not as famous and legendary as Vomir, but listening to ‘Lessness’ makes me wonder how fast this artist will reach the HNW list of all stars? Lessness’ is a pretty work that leans close to the concept of a wall, yet it is indeed a case of ‘less is more’, as the massive sound has a more steady crackling feeling, making it come across as a unique work that has strong individualism too it. Nascitari and Vomir bring two very different sides of the coin on this wonderful release, making it one of the most exciting splits that my ears have encountered at this hour.
Even though the high demand of this special quality release, there are still some copies available.
Better order them quick because before you’ll know it, you’ll piss next to the wall:

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