UFO Phil – Aliens Really Stink / Gravity

1artist: UFO Phil
title: Aliens Really Stink / Gravity
keywords: UFO Phil, comedy, aliens, world leader
website: http://www.ufophil.com
words by: Willem van O.

UFO Phil is one of the weirdoes that have found its way into the global picture.
It’s obviously a place and position that UFO Phil seems to enjoy, and has been feeding off.
He comes across jolly, animated, and comical; for some reason he looks a bit like Billy Corgan but than a happy alienated version. Alienated is in this case a great tool to actually be sociable and adored among the humans and their finger flipping entertainments swaps.

Who is he? Who is UFO Phil? Is he a human with a grotesque urge to be a bit wacko?
Is he the victim of alien abduction and reassembled with big ideas and hopes for the future?
Is he the future world president, representing our planet at upcoming galaxy conferences?
This video doesn’t give any answer, and only opts for more questions:

The first time my ears and eyes had witnessed the potent potential of UFO Phil was when the video clip for his song ‘Aliens Really Stink’ got beamed up into my unfortunate head. It’s a song that has the alarming message that aliens have a very bad smell. But also gladly inserts a fear for alien abduction in to the entertained viewers their mind. ‘Is UFO Phil sure that the aliens stink, or is it perhaps the smell of cut open human organs from UFO Phil’s own body? After all ‘being strapped on a table’ for alien research does come across like a traumatic experience that might get the memory a bit dodgy and blurry. The music video for it however is a full on spectacle, having UFO Phil in the woods, teasing the camera with his alienating charm and friendliness. It’s performed with a rocker on the side, which makes this one that has a real classiness feel to it:

His fans have been popping out of proportions, and the mailmen would probably have a difficult task to deliver bulks of love letters to UFO Phil’s headquarters. Yet his charm, his shrill voice that has potential voice-over cartoon talents is unstoppable. No Gravity will hold UFO Phil’s feet down to the ground as the road to global fame, stardom and that well-earned spot for world presidency is right above him!

There will be no doubt that UFO Phil will penetrate all your media outlets, from newspaper, magazine, television and radio shows, documentaries and telephones; UFO Phil will make himself a household name, brainwashes everyone with his exclusive knowledge and when all has been subjected to his powers; he will gladly except our mutual call for him to be our representation and our leader of our earthly world.

If you need more UFO Phil to be convinced, then please have fun at your future leader’s official youtube propaganda account:
or indeed, just hook yourself up at his very own digital home:
..but don’t worry, UFO Phil will find you!

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