Big Debbie – AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA

Artist: Big Debbie
title: AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA
keywords: experimental
reviewer: Perez Holtin

Hi Boys and girls,
It’s me ‘Perez Holtin’ reporting from the fabulous fluffy room in Bollywood.
It’s been a while since I’ve come out of my masturbation room,
but today I had a really good reason to be here writing to you.

Please, if you don’t mind to open your mouth? No worries..
It’s just that the talented Debbie Dingledong can fill it up with fresh jizz.
It’s the good kind of jizz; a good taste of salty and sweet.
The silky juice aka the spice of life, might end up in your eyes.
Making your eyeballs a little bit itchy, and most appropriate; hunkering for more!


Don’t worry Debbie Dingledong has enough for everyone,
and if you too own a Dingledong, you will be pleased to know that with a mutual consent,
you’ll too be invited to shoot out your rainbow glitters and return Debbie Dingledong the fabulous flavor favor.


Don’t get my introduction of words wrong; this is all about music. OMG, yes THE music.
In fact I’m trying to conceive fitting words for ‘Big Debbie’s AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA album.

It’s fabulous!

You might think, who is Big Debbie?
OMG, Big Debbie? You don’t know Big Debbie? OMG!
Big Debbie? Big Debbie? Debbie?
Think good, think harder; the right answer might * AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA * cum..

No? no idea? Really? OMG! Debbie is gorgeous! OMG!
Big Debbie is of course Debbie Dingledong, but to be fair Debbie is largely known in the big-D-scene as ‘Little Debbie’. But times change, and Debbie ‘Little Debbie’ Dingledong, has all grown up now into Debbie ‘Big Debbie’ Dingledong. Totally amazing!

And you know what? Big Debbie has now the potent potential to provide anyone and everyone with special musical Big AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA Debbie jiizz, a sound-juice full of healthy vitamins B’s and extra creamy sweet proteins! OMG, it‘s delicious!

Of course as we all know, ‘Little Debbie’ has a firm reputation for being a sexy party beast live on stage; delivering an experience to remember with each and every performance.
But now as ‘Big Debbie’ it’s gone totally next level style. OMG! Big Debbie’s AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA music jizz is simply so ready to explode and unload, it can’t wait to pop like a party balloon for its many fans (little & big!) (girls & boys!) (male & female!) all over the entire world. OMG! We will scream of joy when the AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA jizz pops like the popping cork from sparkling champagne!

Is the world big enough to contain all Big Debbie’s Big jizz? (size does matter!)
That is of course the big question that scientist are secretly chit chatting about at the alarming ‘Global Warming’ seminars, but ‘f*ck science! As Big Debbie’s AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA jizz is simply unstoppable! OMG, seriously, I wish it would never stop! It goes where no woman has gone before! OMG! The big consequences are not harmful, it’s fun! Says who? Says me! OMG!

However if you don’t like washing (clothes, or yourself); a safer way to receive an fine amount of AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA jizz from Big Debbie, is indeed listening to the album at the comfort of your luxurious home. Seated on a sofa while munching on a banana and listening to AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA is totally recommended. See it as a healthy form of porn for the ears, exciting material, sexy and yet good for you. Before you know it you’ll be on the sofa dancing around naked! Healthy and glorious!

Sometimes a fantasy is better than the real thing, but of course listening to AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA or seeing Big Debbie live shooting AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA jizz, are both two separate amazing experiences that you simply can’t deny yourself, if you love yourself. OMG! Everyone deserves the AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA  jizz of Big Debbie in their lives! The sexiness of this jizz is pushing the boundaries of the social accepted, with big beats penetrating the perverted mind, psychedelic organ lines pumping the behinds, and OMG the over the top baselines are the ones that shake the booty so beautifully! The sexy voices of Big Debbie’s friends are simply making the temperature-meter spin out of control! OMG! AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA is Fabulous!
Seriously, either listening to Big Debbie jizzing live, or the AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA jizz at home are both experiences that are highly recommended to experience. Either being it separated, or “lucky you” at the same time. And if a true miracle would happen, and you’ll end up being very intimate with Big Debbie, and the AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA Jizz comes in your ears at the very same time; then you are probably dreaming.. or indeed close to an fan-based orgasm ‘Big-Debbie’ style. It’s all good, really! OMG it is sooo good!OMG! It’s all soooo very goooood!

Get ready to swallow!!! Receive the AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA jizz!!! !

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