Grey Pale Sinister – Deep In The Darkness II

^ because there is no official cover for this release.. I found this picture through a search engine.. isn't it great?

^ because there is no official cover for this release.. I found this picture through a search engine.. isn’t it great?

artist: Grey Pale Sinister
title: Deep In The Darkness II
keywords: experimental, folk
reviewer: Willem van O.

Grey Pale Sinister has been filling our mailbox up as if it was a turkey that needed to be stuffed. His mails politely asked for more of his albums to be reviewed, as without ‘nothing too read’ Grey Pale Sinister gets bored. Of course nobody wants to get Pale Sinister bored or pissed off, so we gladly give in with a review for ‘Deep In The Darkness’. Funny enough without a cover picture, and bandcamp showing a white empty box; the Deep In The Darkness’ vision seems to be more one off ‘Deep in the Lightness’. 1On this album the on the edge sounding music maker ‘Grey Pale Sinister’ keeps going for his trademark home-made lo-fi sound. He begins the spectacle with a song named ‘Nevermore’ and soon enough we can hear the usual screeches of pain and misery coming out of his vocal chords. He pushes his throat to the limits, and for a fin moment we can go in and watch his appendix running dry. The lack of saliva really becomes helpful when the evil Dracula Duck character comes up, and does his blood spitting all over the lo-fi keyboard sound.

^ Grey Pale Sinister isn't the only one who spits blood

^ Grey Pale Sinister isn’t the only one who spits blood

The drama goes forward with Rain And Clouds. Instead of comic relief, this ‘song’ actually kind off freaks me out. It’s perhaps the combination of joyful finger pressing on the keyboard keys and the satanic sounding poetic nonsense that gives me the shivers. It’s as if a experienced rum and whiskey drinking sailor has found a book full of devilish curses, and has now made the song to curse the listeners into a doomed future. Lovely, eh?

^ yep

^ yep

But perhaps the doomed atmosphere leaves the release in ‘Departure’? It might be so for a while, as the music here sounds more like a folk-ish thing that you could pick up from a drunken fun fair; it sounds melodic, and actually quite funny.

^ happy

^ happy

Another seemingly positive canvas of positivity is the instrumental version of ‘Fly Away II’, a moment in which we can drift our thoughts away. Maybe even Grey Pale Sinister’s thoughts of doom will fly out of the window, as in the next track (Materialist World) he seems to find his inner child who cries out a cry of purity. (or insanity?) This is the moment that Grey Pale Sinister reliefs itself; sings in all his personalities like a choir of characters with giving each and every one of them enough space to express themselves. There is the angry one, the happy one, the fighter, the spatter, the baby, the warrior and of course the viking.

^ aye mate

^ aye mate

In ‘Return’ the throat of Grey Pale Sinister gets again a nasty treatment, he squeaks and squeals as if he hasn’t had a single drop of liquid to liquify his throat. It sound quite painful this expression; reminding me why I like to drink tea with a double portion of honey and lime.. So smooth! So smooth.. I wish Grey Pale Sinister would enjoy honey too, as there should be something to make Grey Pale Sinister voice oiled up and lubricated. Even in the ‘Swamp’ there is no drop of water available, and in the final track named ‘Storm’ the dry throat rushes itself to the exit. 1It is strange music, folkish and seemingly done with elements of self harm. But it does sound intriguing, making the time pass in total wonder. Also the melodic parts are making this dive in this certain depth of darkness something that makes it interesting, and yet quite weird. If you like Grey Pale Sinister, please buy some of his tracks so he could buy some liquids to ease the tension on his expressional vocal chords. You can hear this release over here:

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