artist: WITO
title: VyVa
cat: MNMN150
keywords: 8bit, micro funk,
label: MNMN Records Netlabel http://mnmn-rec.ru/main/
reviewer: Mark X

WITO’s VyVa is like a little rodeo ride after swallowing a power pack pacman magical pill. It’s super slick starting with ‘Nine’ , bubbling away with a light weight breakbeat and a heavy down bass to keep gravity somehow in balance. It’s nice and reminds me of Drum N Bass scene in which dancers broke their ankles but kept on dancing and jumping until the very next day. Those were the days that the power pills weren’t only energy providers, but also instant painkillers.

The second track ‘Pixel Misanthrope’ is a different tune, still very up, sparkling, squeaky clean cut and when played at a loud volume; very effective in the bounce department. The wobbling bass is more light, while the beat rolls on happy like a happy slapper on helium; a perfect combo for dancing on bounceble rubber shoes. Love how this track turns into a discrete merry little melody..

Last and final track is VyVa. It’s bringing the depth back of the bass, but is sounds more rounded like a smooth space hill. The light weight rhythm is still nicely on time, never losing an inch of speed as we can slide over these rolling bass-waves like they are synthetic pleasant waves to jump joyfully over. VyVa might be the most minimal of the threesome of tracks, but it is also sounding as if it took the best from the previous ones and applied it on its very own. Besides, the more power pill pacman packs you swallow, the more sounds, melodies and internal fun fair galaxies will be coming your way. A nice and nifty free little bounce, this VyVa EP.  Download over here if you’d like (power pill pacman packs are unfortunately not included): https://archive.org/details/MNMN150

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