Big Debbie – Desert Transmissions

1artist: Big Debbie
title: Desert Transmissions
keywords: video , psychedelic, experimental

The following music video contains the music that you would expect to hear when being lost for days traveling a tremendous desert by foot. It’s the kind of journey the members of ‘The Doors’ presumable made. All water supplies have been dried up and the only way to survive was drinking the juice of a magical cactus. You can imagine sand burning under your feet as you strangely went to take this journey-of-a-life-time without shoes.
zIt had been such a great idea; a walk to gain wisdom, to get closer to the gods, yourself and the meaning of life. This is the music that after several days of exposure to the burning son, highness from cactus juice and an overheated mind blurred with images of never ending sand-scapes will come up like an oasis.

^ Oasis in the desert

^ Oasis in the desert

This is the music that makes the harsh journey in the sandy desert-land into one that made it all worthwhile. This is the music that is much more a relief than a water source with a palm tree, a camel and a pair of shoes. When this visionary music dooms up in the sandy travels there is nothing more to do than amaze the birds of prey (the ones that have been circulating around your head) with your circular dancing moves.

That’s right, when this music revelation drops in the psychedelic state of mind, you’ll have all the answers that you had been searching for. It’s that music vibe of being intergallactically connected with the universe and your part of it. It’s the music that makes you feel free, free like a bird, twirling around and around in circles until you fly up and join those birds. It’s the wisdom of Big Debbie that has captured this music and its vibe in its educative kaleidoscopic fitting video. Thanks to the artistic and musical skills of Big Debbie you don’t need to go through the hassle yourself of desert-traveling, dehydration and cactus psychosis. Big Debbie’s video clip brings you this oasis and only thing you have to do is dance in circles to levitate yourself. Be free, join the birds; watch this with the sound up:

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1 Response to Big Debbie – Desert Transmissions

  1. alphastare says:

    The LA River? I wouldn’t touch that water! Hahahaa! I loved that.

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