Eric Arn – Points of Fissure

Artist: Eric Arn
title: Points of Fissure
keywords: experimental, drone, psychedelic, Wien
label: Feathered Coyote Records

Eric Arn’s first solo album ‘Points of Fissure’ is a true psychedelic masterpiece, without any hesitation the ears get hypnotically sucked in a track named ‘Alloy Angel’ and from there it all becomes a tremendous blur of adventure. The music comes across acoustic, as if it is all done with a regular guitar; but how this specific instrument is played and is structured out is something that is entirely different than what you would normally expect.

‘Alloy Angel’ becomes an abstract ride of acoustic sound-waves that gives the feeling of being in the slow part of a roller-coaster in the dark. It goes for the curves; the bindings and slight ups and downs; but all performed as if there are no rails to slide over. It’s deliciously different and refreshingly original this way of acoustic-tripery.

‘Disputed Territory’ is taking a different approach, having bits and pieces of more recognizable guitar work shining through the session, giving respect to the instrument and its original roots. Yet the music functions as going on a ride in a funfair. Not the one in which it’s all about the pressure of gravity, but more the ones that go inside a tunnel full of wonder and magic. Mechanical creatures moving to act like real life figurines, rivers and plastic nature; it’s all very beautiful and pretty.

Another great example of what creativity can do in the hands of an acoustic musician is ‘Resonant Form’. Here Eric Arn delivers a very fine setup of resonances that ring the ears like sweet crystal humming glasses, creating an peaceful yet mysterious ambient setup that you want to endorse as if it is something truly precious and expensive. The luxury bells of mystery that ring in the air for an angelic togetherness.

‘Maniac’ seems to shiver along on the concept of resonating hums, but here the strings become more apparent. They come in secretly through the moral layers and become more psychotic and slightly twisted as the track evolves and shimmers along. This is the work of a talented maniac who can turn a casual instrument into a strange vortex to another world full of bizarre needs and elements. The moment that the music turns into a wonderful group of humming bees is as beautiful as it is terrifying. But whatever the story is that you will discover while tripping balls on this music; we can all agree that it is pretty stunning how it is done, and how it turned out into something unheard off.

With ‘Cloud Chamber’ Eric Arn shows that his experimental acoustic-ness is also able to perform something that pretends to be lightweight. Here the guitar is being played as if chickens in Hawaii T-shirts peck the snares while being in a happy musical mood. The guitar might be full of tasty things as the imaginative chickens from my part keeping up the pecking spectacle for the entire length of the track. It’s nice and for its business; very effective to sleep away on. In fact, I just woke up having this dream about chickens playing guitar…

The last track ‘Standing in Motion’ goes back to the first track of this solo release. It is here that Eric Arn gives that special way of acoustic music playing the biggest effort; making it into a strange family park drive that is abstract, full of heavy corners, slight tumbles and effective adventurous twists of movement. A great ending of this very fine ‘Points of Fissure’ release, that is probably one of those rare albums with a huge reply value. You can hear it over here (and replay it as much as you want)

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