Scared of Spiders / Tooth Eye / Koobaatoo Asparagus – Home Invasion

artist: Scared of Spiders / Tooth Eye / Koobaatoo Asparagus
title: Home Invasion
keywords: experimental, break, noise,

a threesome has never sounded so rock hard and pounded more than the one here done by the illustrious trio ‘Scared of Spiders, Tooth Eye & Koobaatoo Asparagus. It all starts with Scared of Spiders who goes for a full on buzz fuzz fest playful boner material that goes in and out like a rhythmic slash hammer colorfully tramping up some kind of game console.

Scared of Spiders keeps this party in the same red-zones of fuzzy distortion. If you listen very closely you can hear distinctive chops of beats blasting into the perverse noise, a nice rambling that you can bounce on as if it was a trampoline of drill noise. The track gets deeper when the ears pick up the heavy low laying bass sound, making it a perfect day breaker to bounce your head on.
1The ‘guttery solo’ takes Scared of Spiders on the groovy part. Making the full monty in the solo department, as if the artist is showing its precious flesh to Tooth Eye and Koobaatoo Asparagus.
It’s nice and funky, but it’s the ‘CZAR theme’ that is the one that takes care of the keyword named ‘freaky’. It’s a slow work, nice and fuzzy; trip noise-jazz stuff for the extreme sound fetishists under us.

The last performance by Scared of Spiders is ‘Beware Carnivorbbbbbot II’ a work that is trying to scrap our heads clean with painful detail and yet pleasant enough to be tolerated. If you think rubbing sandpaper in your ears is pleasant; than wait until you hear this!

Koobaatoo Asparagus gives the threesome some rubbing and foreplay.
It is a bit late perhaps, a foreplay in the middle of a session like this; but it’s a welcoming positive intimate moment to get some air before the action gets again all jiggly and that…
11‘It Fried after dis Jam’ is absolutely making up for the little intimate kissing and rubbing,
as it is here that Koobaatoo Asparagus has found our G-spot and plays with it in a very full on, but gentle way. The fine teasing pleasure of a track is just too short to hit the three minutes, leaving our perverted minds to beg for some more intimate asparagus attention.

Of course Koobaatoo Asparagus isn’t finished with finishing the sexy session off. At ‘O Knock it off R2D2 Girlfriend’ a sensual show reveals itself. It sounds as if Koobaatoo Asparagus has brought in R2D2 as a night prop but after it failing to perform for the artist his lustful deeds, he has brought it outside and let the screeches of a random car drive over its robotic carcass.
1This punishment is going for a return in ‘Twisted Sista from da Blizza’. Here we can hear the car tires screeching the Starwars prop to pulp, and even the asphalt below it sounds as if it gets slightly marked by the rubber. The action stops when the car commits suicide and the artist fails to get it to work again. But no worries, this only brings up the romantic mood of Koobaatoo Asparagus who now delivers a catchy melodramatic epic tune named ‘Wish da old days came back wit da Future’. Clearly regretting the dead of its sexual robot friend (or perhaps the car…)

Sentimental as it may be, the last but certainly the best partner in this threesome is the always engaging and intriguing Tooth Eye. Tooth Eye’s track is of a perfect length taking the right amount of time to get the listener sucked in and in the mood. The crumbling slowmo beat is like a parade of industrialized mechanic elephants that pass by, even trumpeting their technically enhanced trunks above the heavy but enjoyable rhythm. If this isn’t hot and steamy, than ‘hot and steamy’ doesn’t exist! You can enjoy this threesome over at this link for free:

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