Apollo Architect – The Wanderer EP

Artist: Apollo Architect
title: The Wanderer EP
keywords: rock ambient, rock, instrumental, ambient, post-rock, Toronto
reviewer: Willem van O.

Sonically correct it’s a good idea to wake up with the ‘Intro’ on The Wanderer EP by the classy sounding producer listening to the name ‘Apollo Architect’. It’s not the heaviest handed caffeine shot of a morning, but more the ones that you can stay in bed for and ignore the alarm bells for any work related affairs. But just like a ‘snooze’ option on a modern day alarm clock, the wake-up call comes back a little bit later with a nice and dedicate energy filled track named ‘Runner’. It’s here that the soft touch of morning friendliness makes way for well-played guitar work that makes you want to adjust the volume (either up or down ; depending on your tastes). It’s the track that you can imagine a rough morning with; quickly dressing up, shoving some instant food product in your mouth, running to the bus/train/car/boss/work/school/etc as of course you are too late to be on time!

The Appollo Architect goes for a similar soft and loud approach on a massive earth shaking piece of electric guitar/drum/clash of the clashes named ‘Vegas Desert/A Cold Night. The title obviously tells us that the soft part is Vegas Desert and the loud energetic one ‘A Cold Night’; but they might be twisted and confused; played in a different order. Only the true Appollo Architect knows we can only listen, observe and embrace it like it is. Perhaps these moments are flipping back and forwards, as if the artist is expressing a fractured mind spinning out of control from pretty warm desert like melodies to heavy drum crashes for head banging stoners whose minds have not been fractured enough.

On the fourth row there is a piece called ‘Stargazer’, a track that keeps the quality control that Appollo Architect so blatantly has totally ‘under control’. Here the artist waves its melodies, minimal space rock in to each other like a delicate knitted sweater. The energy comes in doses as well as the dreamy star gazing moments come in bursts; making it not the music for sleeping or dreaming, but more something you want to hear while doing ‘something’, whether it traveling, working, or simply moving or perhaps flying.. Flying to check those stars from close up? I guess the last finding is one that probably comes the closest to how this track sound; deal with it.

‘Goodbye…and Hello’ is coming across to me as a bit of a ‘stranger’ on this album, playfully going for eight minutes in length brings you through softness, relaxedness, uptightness, chill out, and loudness. I’m seriously using the volume meter to push the sound up and down again as if it’s some kind of game in which the cheap speakers (professionally used and abused for reviewing purposes) can handle the extremities in sound and music levels.

More stable and reliable is the sixth track on the album. This one is named ‘Deep Breahts/Answers; another song combo of the odds that do go well down in togetherness. It’s good music, nicely in sync with the urge to have a strong afternoon tea-break. Appollo Architect is a good playful music maker, creating nice melodic pieces to make the day pass by quickly. Some might be heavy handed and others are like soft tissue powdering your nose with guitar fingering.

The last track of this ‘The Wanderer EP’ is ‘Piercing The Heavens’ which sounds as the final taste of the conceptual play-style of Apollo Architect. Here once more the ears get served with the balance between soft and beautiful and more abrasive and in your face. To me it has a great Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde effect, but perhaps someone who is more into this kind of wandering will have a different experience/opinion/vibe/FEELING when going for this release.

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