KDMQ – White Noise

Artist: KDMQ
title: White Noise
keywords: alternative, mexico, acoustic, ambient, classical, crossover, electronic, indie, folk, lo-fi, native, noise, post modern, post rock, instrumental, trip hop, weird, Durango
questions answered by: Willem van O.

A 20 year old Kevin Marin from Mexico send in a colorful email with the urgent question:
“I want to know if you can hear my latest album

A question that might seem easy, but is yet one that is difficult to answer.
It really depends on so many things, it really isn’t a question of just a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.
It’s about ear hygiene, technical issues, earplugs/headphones/cotton candy, working or not working audio players, outside neighboring noises or complete silence.. It’s difficult… It’s truly depends.. It’s a maybe..!!

^ 20 year old Kevin Marin from Mexico has urgent questions

^ 20 year old Kevin Marin from Mexico has urgent questions

The other ‘even more’ urgent question was ‘I want to know if you can review this?
A reasonable question with an answer that is as easy as it can be;
Yes. As you can see here, it is possible. Anything is reviewable; from the melon on the table, to the girl/boy in a beauty contest. In fact sound is probably one of the easiest things to review, although if things are ‘good’, bad, suck, or fantastic’ is something that totally depends on the personal opinion of the reviewer; which is a totally unreliable source for information that could be much easier done by potential listeners listening in, and reviewing it themselves for themselves.

A quick look on the album gives everyone (next to the clear album cover) the following textual information:

Self taught one man band form México,
KDMQ its a project that explores the limits of the human bodie
with sounds and textures that try to recreat
the sound of depression sadness and suicidal toughts.

This should be enough to either gather your attention, or that you rather go and try your luck hearing things ‘elsewhere’. In any case, I’m sure Kevin will be very pleased if you personally would check this album named ‘White Noise’ out and hear if you could actually ‘hear’ it, and if in case of a ‘Yes’; if you indeed could review it too.. It would be a marvelous perfect combination really!
Go and help yourself over at the following link and test your ears, your equipment, your internet connection, your speakers, your mind and possible reviewing skills:

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