All Machine / Emerge – …beyond…

Artist: All Machine / Emerge
title: …beyond…
keywords: experimental, sound poetry, drone
label: Attenuation Circuit

The following release between Emerge and All Machine explores the beyond. A bold statement perhaps, but you have to look beyond that. The first track is taking a look beyond birth by All Machine and throws our fragile tuned in ears straight at a place in which someone obviously is giving birth. But look beyond the regular case of huffing and puffing, look beyond the action of an little individual coming out of another individual, look beyond.. Look beyond… You will hear joy, you will hear laughter, you will hear songs, you will hear things beyond birth that you would have never expected that would be there; but yet there it is, clearly captured by All Machine who is beyond great and almost dada-ist poetic in its presentation. This is so beyond, that I can only guess that this might be it that well experienced midwives will hear after helping to give birth to their 100th baby!

When ‘Emerge’ and ‘All Machine’ team up together the things really starts to sound even beyond the beyond. You can hear them interacting, improvising and following each other’s footsteps beyond recognition. The result is a strange beyond-ish sound adventure that is actually quite beyond music, art, ambient, poetry, or anything else. It’s the stuff that is hard to put a label on other than beyond experimentalism; yet this makes absolutely sense as this is their look in the depths beyond life. A place in which silence can be deceiving, nothingness roams around together with shimmering demons that steam their clouds of bad breath in your face, or either hide in their beyondish realms.

The last track is a solo one by Emerge that takes a look sound-wise beyond death. It’s here that Poltergeist activity can clearly be captured from the beyond. Old stones are opened and closed and furniture is slowly moved around; as if beyond Death there is actual lots of work to do. All work and no rest beyond death; better hope there will be some caffeine available in the afterlife, or I doubt that the expected rested souls will have a hard time moving things around.

…beyond… the split release is clearly material that makes you think things,
it will trigger your head to think about things like birth, death, life and look beyond all of them.
It isn’t sure if All Machine and Emerge hit the nail on the head, but their attempt at looking byond all this is well worth to take your hat off for. The release can be bought as a CDr (only 33 copies available!) or as a digital download at the following link (don’t look beyond it!)

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