Anthony Cecchetti – Pastel Poppies

Artist: Anthony Cecchetti
title: Pastel Poppies
keywords: alternative, lo-fi, experimental, garage, indie, Frederick

Anthony Cecchetti’s Pastel Poppies is a playful short little ‘alternative’ album in which a few variations of playing styles seem to prosper. The most ear capturing are the tracks that are nicely draped in a fuzzy sound that is under ‘the fuzzy lo-fi sounds’ sounding quite original. The voice sounds less original; more like a sentimental ‘blink 182’ runaway member who shows his own mind with much better lyrics than the catchy short phrased phrases used in the image-punk his voice reminds me off. He plays the ukulele yet I believe that there is a lot of guitar things going on, although the ukulele cover at final track number 10 is definitely an ear appealing charmer. It’s the track that gets the grandma inside of me out, in the hope to squeeze his cheeks and say how adorable it all is. An album that flirts with singer songwriter dreamy stuff and has some kind of love relation with punk at the same time, and crazy as it sounds; it really is a smart lovable match. Pretty charming and adorable really.. (Oops! out comes the grandma again!)

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1 Response to Anthony Cecchetti – Pastel Poppies

  1. Anthony says:

    I just saw this review! Ahh Yay it made me smile so much! Thank you! =]

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