Austeya – Teach Me

Artist: Austeya
title: Teach Me
keywords: electropop, electronic, left field, London,
label: Weatnu Records

Austeya is a London based artist and her latest electro pop EP named ‘Teach Me’ sound indeed very London-ish. It is the overall sound that makes me think of London, the grey days, the sky that looks like carton, the faceless people stuffed in the underground getting high on each other’s armpits. There is this gloomy coat that hangs over these tunes that fits the rainy days, the coldness at night with shimmering neon lights. The songs themselves don’t seem to have a gloomy content, giving the artist the power to be a light in the greyness of this city full of people and yet so full of loneliness. Austeya has a thing for flying and it becomes apparent that her songs are offering the escape plan from reality, flying away like a super woman out of town, and dreams to live at the sea side that isnt dominated with sad city fog. It’s in this content quite a powerful little EP, clearly inspired by her environment and longing to find a better place, but yet seems to be stuck or lost in the darkness of the spinning center of the city of gloom. Let these songs warm you up in the cold, inspire you enough to know that London isnt just a city with Big Ben, a never dying queen and a ferris wheel; but a city of dreams, rainy days, mist and love that keeps it all going.

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