Crysknife007 – Every Super Mario Brothers Sound Effect At Once

Artist: Crysknife007
Title: Every Super Mario Brothers Sound Effect At Once
keywords: experimental, ambient, annoying, asmr, Mario, NES, nightmare, Nintendo noise, sleep, weird, white noise
reviewer: Simon Hit

Did you ever wonder how it would sound when all the sound effects of Super Mario Brothers would sound like when they are played at the same time, on repeated loop, forever and ever?
If you did, than please don’t wonder anymore as Crysknife007 has the audio content for you to get your satisfaction in.

For one hour long these adorable sound effects are sticking together as they are played on an amazing loop. It is creating a special kind of atmosphere, something of memories, groovy and yet hellish. The result comes across as a trippy Super Mario Bro fever in some Las Vegas madhouse, strangely cute and adorable, yet maddening into the corners of total insanity.

Brave souls that can sit, sleep, live while this release does its thing until the very end deserve respect for their cheer bravery. But I must admit that most respect goes to Crysknife007 for actually sitting down, selecting, and making this conceptual release possible.

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