Greg Borgardts – Man On The Moon – Demo

Artist: Greg Borgardts
title: Man On The Moon – Demo
keywords: acoustic, folk, indie, indie pop, lo-fi, Mississauga

Greg Borgardts requested to listen to Man On The Moon, the acoustic demo recorded recently in April-May, 2015. And I’m personally glad that this demo has been spooned into my ears as Greg Borgardts got something nice going on over here. His music captured here in unpretentious lo-fi, sounds absolutely human, no big ego’s or skyrocketing personas that are untouchable; but down to earth, on the floor dreamy songs that sound like they are taken from real life, all delivered in a sincere form that is quite lovable and friendly. Personally I like how it sound as if it is recorded on the spot with no shame or clean cut production skills; you can hear Greg breathing, singing, his fingers on the guitar and it all sounds very cozy; a nice ‘Man On The Moon’ this ‘Greg’ man must be.

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