Johan Dykstra – Three Horns

Artist: Johan Dykstra
title: Three Horns
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, neo-classical,western art music, Los Angeles
reviewer: Simon Hit

Johan Dykstra has captured the most annoying sound and produced a mostly annoying EP from it.  It is the horn sound that bullies with big mouths use, when they are too lazy to open their mouths.
it’s the sound that they wake you up with, and then they historically laugh their own asses off. It’s the sound they flash in your face when you walk by unexpectedly, almost giving you a forcible heart attack. It is the horn the sports-fan next to you aims at your ears, in order to celebrate a victorious moment on the field; and now it is the sound of ‘Three Horns’ by Johan Dykstra.

No idea exactly who will enjoy this release, or if there is a special purpose to it other than being used to get sleepy people out of bed in an unpleasant way, or annoy the neighborhood; but it is what it is and it does exactly what it supposed to do. If you need the sound of three horns, than look no further!

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