Dream League Soccer – Thank You, Juan Valdez

artist: Dream League Soccer
title: Thank You, Juan Valdez
keywords: pop, dream pop, meme pop, synth pop, tastywave, Philadelphia

After an exciting intro that sounds quite comical as it gives a classy taster of what could possible happen music wise on this fun sounding little album; the album starts sweetly with a lovable song named ‘Stuck To The Sea’. It has something dubby, but it’s the retro-esque flirtations of the overall sound that makes this one sounding utterly friendly, warm and sugary.

The song is sung by the perfectly fitting voice of (probably) Omar; a kid who setup this duo-band with Donato Pignetti in a case of surname anonymity. Omar had to record his singing in secret as the family religion forbids making music. I have a unfortunate guess that it probably forbids celebrating birthdays too; but Omar is strong and found a way to do what he had to do; and the result is a real pleasure to hear! In fact without Omar, the music wouldn’t half as good!

Let’s quickly describe some of the tracks for you in a quick and confident to the point way:
The sunshine and retro friendliness meets a playful organ at ‘Thank You Juan Valdez’ and at ‘Story time‘ we can really enjoy the friendship between this duo, as the animated story telling reveals a fond moment of happiness. ‘I Just Wanna Have Fun‘ is exactly how this album in general could be described, making me think of it as a ‘serenade’ to Dream League Soccer. And A letter from a fan‘ is this smooth rider that bring memories of poetry reading night performers with an pleasant amount of soul in their blood.

The songs ‘Drowning In Your asleep‘ and  ‘I Don’t Need You Anymore‘ come across as the most memorable ones on this album; having a very dream pop catch-able structure with quite an unforgettable mellow melody. The singing words are a perfect match, sounding as one romantic instrument of love; it’s all really sweet, but not the kind that will hurt your teeth or gives a sugar rush; it’s good.

The main sound of this album is very playable, excessive in warmth and fun. They make me feel like being stuck in some kind of dream, that is played out behind a ice cream van on a fun fair located somewhere on a strange piece of sunny beach. Sweet like baby blue &  pink and definitely full of love, get it over here:

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