Pollux – Old Stuff

Artist: Pollux
title: Old Stuff
keywords: ambient, dark ambient, demos, experimental, ghost, hip-hop, horror, raw

I went to the antique shop named Pollux, wandered around for a bit only to come to the conclusion that except me and a salesman, there were only five items available. Maybe this was because the antique business had been going quite well, or that this was one of those shops that were modern in its presentation of presenting old stuff. Either way whatever the case, I had plenty of time to check them out under the spying eye of the noisy salesperson.

The first piece that attracted my eyes was ‘Introspection’. It was quite small but looked cute, when I picked it up it started to say some cursing words in my face. How on earth could antique be so small, tiny and cute and still be so rude? I quickly put it back and checked out another antique item in the ‘Pollux’ shop.

What is this? I asked the salesperson pointing at some kind of art structure made out of turntable, melted vinyl and a walking cane that in slow motion turned in circles over the floor with a parrot on top.

It is called ‘encounter’ and is all what you want it to be. It’s an encounter of music, of memories of hip hop, an pop art construction, an artist sound impression of an old man walking by; don’t touch it as it is fragile!

My eye had fallen on a antique piece with the name tag ‘Dr. Satan’. I had some friends who are heavy into doctors and others who are into Satan; but I had never knew that their hobbies could be joined together. The piece was quite weird, it purred like a pussy cat,  made rare finger snapping sounds and more curiously; laughed at all my jokes.

I was quite interested in the piece and asked the salesman how much it would cost. But when he told me it would be free minus my soul, I thought it was a good time to check out something else in this antique shop named Pollux.

There it was ‘Ghosttown’ Madonna’s latest single. This shouldn’t belong in  an antique shop.. Or does it? Without a good close inspection I rushed to the last piece in the shop, this one looked exactly to my taste.

‘Frustration’ the salesperson said..

I don’t know if he meant the name of the piece or my obvious frustration from being so rudely interrupted by the word frustration by this salesperson. But I really liked this piece, in fact I’ve seen it before and even had it in my collection once. It’s a recognizable piece and feel that I even wrote about it in my memories. This was the piece the producer Pollux made while going through sexual frustrations. You can hear him knocking his ding dong under a table while thoughts of sexually aroused nymphs make moaning noises. It’s an antique alright but as it’s been in my collection before, I decided to leave all the pieces in the shop for you to check out for yourself.

The salesperson said that everything is free, so rather be quick and get your greedy antique loving hands over here:

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