mr.Bull vs. Static Noise Bird – Audio from a Forgotten City

Artist: mr.Bull vs. Static Noise Bird
title: Audio from a Forgotten City
cat: Siro449
keywords: ambient, electronica, braindance
label: Sirona-Records

What is it that makes this split between mr.Bull and Static Noise Bird into such a success story; a favorite release among the favorites?
Perhaps it’s the friendly start with mr.Bull’s Memorandum? A soft short introduction of synthetic ambient that feels as if it uncorks itself like a slippery slope of friendly lubed space liquid. Introductions and good beginnings are worth billions of fans, and it certainly sounds like it paid off with this album.

What also might be of a help to make this release into a favorite among favorites, is that the second track ‘Unexistant Enthusiasm’ by Static Noise Bird carefully inserts a right amount of enthusiasm in a fanatic electronic way. The track has a nice feverish touch that let listeners soak between some kind of electric mash of rolling hardcore beats, temperature changing vocal samples and a bit of Brazilian football whistle, with some glitchy sparkles on the side. And this all served like its nothing; clean, hygienic and actually quite spot on and to the point. People love it when thing go to the point, that’s why there are so many dots behind every sentence. You see?

It is also possible that the secret’s secret of the success of this this release comes because of the ‘strange Happiness’ that mr.Bull brings to the table. It has this mellow vibe of bubble bobble bath soap, done with delicious pretty electronic sounds that are pretty and might bring happiness in a way that the intake of XTC might do. But unlike XTC this happiness is quite chilled out to the human body’s mind and soul. I don’t know about you, but this part of the success story would like to invite you to give mr.Bull a cheeky kiss on the cheek, and giggle around like a happy little rainbow warrior.

But the success might also be rooting from the fact that this split is the home of ‘Field of Flowers’ by Static Noise Bird. This field of flowers is a bit mechanical, futuristic as if it is played out in a bio dome, and this is the positive beats and smooth electric stuff that gets played loudly to in fact; make the flowers housed inside this dome grow into ridiculously large proportions. Good material that along with nutritious earth dirt, might be a solid key into the success story that this release is.

But wait, there is more! So much more! There is ‘A Brand New World’ out there, curiously come to life with the help of Christmas-like bells and sweetness in an organic electro format with added ambient chill flavors. There is something to it that has a poppy feeling, yet the track by
our bringer of happiness ‘mr.Bull’ delivers it in a way that is camouflaged into something that couldn’t be possible electro pop; yet it pops. Might this be the key to the success of this release?

Or perhaps it’s Static Noise Bird’s Singular Moment of Brutality’ that adds a chemical romance of cyber genetic goa trance acid dopamine to this collection of tracks? It might just be it as when it hits you; it really does come across as hitting you. The nice thing of this flirtation of technology is that halfway the theme of dance music for a psychedelic generation on mind stimulants is not going for a cold and industrial theme; but brings warmth and comfort while it pounds away in doing its own business.

The last appearance of the musical skills of Mr.Bull is ‘Abstract Imagination’, a clear and pretty piece of music that seeks and provides live for a complete generation of tripped out ravers, electro heads and ambient lovers. The track brings everyone’s favorite sounds of love and molds it into a sweet piece that you’ll probably start to miss as soon as it stops playing.

The last track in this success story of an free popular downloaded album is this sweet surprise named ‘Lifeforming’. Here Static Noise Bird stops playing with beats and focussed on pure melody. And by doing so the artist sealed the deal with music loving gods making this track the perfect winner on this split and probably a main ingredient of the solid success that this release has been dealing with. Come download and hear this success story at the following link;

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