Chimney Crow – Sarah Kristina

Artist: Chimney Crow
title: Sarah Kristina
keywords: electronic, pop, experimental, alternative
label: electric phantom

Chimney Crow is your friendly psychopath kind of friend; he loves you like no other but probably shows it in a more original way than the usual one. His famous song about a teddy bear who doesn’t like music anymore is one of the highest requested songs on psychopath radio, but personally I really would have loved to hear Chimney Crow’s ‘Sarah Kristina’ being featured a lot more.

Perhaps not all radio loving psychopaths are aware of this tune, so that’s why a little bit of attention over here as to hopefully triggering a bunch of new in calling psychopaths requesting ‘Sarah Kristina’ to be played on every psycho’s favorite radio station. Trust me, I will be checking this station out a lot more when the psychopaths that run the station would play this delightful song each and every ten minute. Is that too much too ask?

But let’s not get angry on the unfair radio programming and the stupid crap that psychopath radio has to offer without the inclusion of Chimney Crow tasty song. Let’s focus a bit more on this splendid song so you too would be happy to pick up the phone and request this song to be played on psychopath radio. As remember their slogan;

-psychopath radio- the radio station for psychopaths!

So yes, Sarah Kristina is one of the songs that have a jolly atmosphere, a friendly bunch of music that shines a light on the humor side of the psychopath life style. A life style that documentaries and Hollywood movies with exciting voice overs and unbearable music, always seems to propagandize as one of terror and hell. But common psychopaths might show no feelings or simply have a lack of empathy, but that doesn’t mean they have no humor or a lack of need for a good laugh. And this song about something that clearly will cater the psychopaths tuned into psychopath radio and please them with ease, is one that the listener can probably identify with, and yet gives it enough black humor for even their unwilling victims tied to a chair, bed, pole (or whatever these creative people come up with) that listen to this radio station unwillingly, have a good sniffle about it. It lightens up the atmosphere, really! Making it not only fun identifying material to hear, but also a tune that makes it much more pleasant for the psychopath and the companionship of the psycho to work with each other.

Yes, Chimney Crow brings the good times of this life style to the surface, telling his side of the story frank and sound with a happy hum along melody that even can be hummed along with a sock stuffed in your mouth. A Happy psychopath song is demystifying the lifestyle by simply telling it like it is, and I’m sure if Sarah Kristina is still alive; she’ll too have a laugh about it. Check out the song and video over here and request it at psychopath radio as often as possible:

If you like what you heard, requested this song to Psychopath radio but they still don’t program it in; no worries! You can still help your ears by getting the ‘Chimney Crow – Chimney Crow is a band’ album over here:

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