Furchick – Suck

Artist: Furchick
title: Suck
keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, field recordings, noise, punk, science, London
label: Fag Ash Records

Furchick opens ‘Suck’ with some lose lightweight collage of cowgirl whistling, rattle snake drum chop , Dadaist counting duck impressions, and an sniff of seedy mystery. It has the effect of being in some kind of low lying feverish situation that gets better before turning up the body Heath again.

Heavy Breathing Down The Throat Of Love’ stamps in like a wet smothering kiss that gets your whole face covered in wet saliva. Fur Chick loops this cheeky way of rhythm making so to make space for her out of touch van driving backwards beep impressions. Fur Chick is handling vocal play while carefully collecting air while half choking on the throat of love quite well. It’s a good suck, love would say.

The ‘Suck’ continues with probably one of my favorite personal tracks on this release. It’s one track named ‘eat those bickies’ and comes with a nice psychological psychedelic effect that makes vague sounding processed horny horns into something digestible in a pleasant way.

In a track named ‘It Rained Today’ I feel it’s the moment that we meet Furchick a step more. Here we hear fur chick sing, sentimentally report a weather and a activity report. You can hear the window wipers, happy wet frogs and other creatures doing their atmospheric thing. It’s strangely romantic, and it’s here that Furchick might get intimate with a few lucky listeners.

‘Requiem for a seedy sleep in’ does its successful best to suck me in to some kind of sucky trance. Don’t think DJ Triesto kind of trance, but the real thing in which all reality becomes surreal and surrealism becomes reality. Feverish dreams might be a bit nightmarish, but this seedy dream session of music is warm, friendly and actually kind of horny. (And this time there isn’t even a vague horn needed!)

The ‘Suck’ continues this pleasant mystery atmosphere, with nice harmonics and a spoonful of poetic wordplay. Voices become sounds, sounds become tones and this music becomes our medicine of choice.

Tatjana Serserko meets Furchick on the next chapter in this installment of great suckness. It makes me think to note down that just like the name of this ‘blog’ “Suck” is a suggestible name. Most people presume ‘Suck’ must be bad, but trust us; it’s a pleasure and a keyword to top notch quality and experience. And this countdown collaboration is like a dream in which there is no gravity, walls can be walked through and stone floors are soft as pillows. There is a bit of wink to what the music making witches are presenting us on a frequent basis, but unlike them; Furchick and mystery friend really gets a pleasant spell out, making me feel like a hypnotized happy freak of nature.

‘Bad Hair Day’ goes for a drastic loopy progression in which the strangeness of bakery sounds are strangely keeping me wobbling from excitement on my reviewing chair. The music is like spinning with my mind, going for grooves without getting groovy, going for a dance without providing class book ‘dance’ music, going for a rhythm that not all percussionists would die for; but admire in secret behind closed doors along with their undisclosed sticking-things-in-things-fetishes. It’s rather ridiculously good, you know?

The Accursed Share is another fictive or real (what’s reality anyway?) collaborator on ‘Suck’. I feel like it’s a strange meeting of cats that sit on a fence in the night and meow their song but now with almost human sounding words. I could listen to it all day, but for protective reasons I won’t; but you might go for it at home. It’s this kind of work that allows a brewing kind of evening atmosphere in that is part lunacy, and part decency after losing your mind at a fun fair ride. Pretty!

‘Coming Down In Coral Bay’ is sounding like another instant classic that goes for a fine recognizable crunchy sound that is formatted in such a way that the brain can easily digest it. Without thinking too much about it, you’ll probably also sit still in this brainwave of sound, sailing it comfortably with a boat of non-thoughts and feel like a reborn baby after a brainwash purification session.

No album would be ever complete without a remix by ‘LoMax’, and Furchick is one of these rare chicks that has managed to get LoMax on board of the ‘Suck’. The result? Going down in history books with a hypnotic psychedelic dance of experimentation in which hypnotized listeners stumble on top of each other in a progressive happy way. A perfect way to end this lovely album!
You really should check it out and get your mind sucked in a pleasant way!

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  1. mentalmantel2013 says:

    Sucks just perfect. Am now ‘following’…

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