Maltez – po-16 symphony

Artist: Maltez
title: po-16 symphony
cat: 8R098
keywords: IDM, electroacoustic, lobit
label: 8Ravens

Like a fortunate wave of insaneness ‘Maltez’ brings a fine monologue of mono lobit fuckery. This might be our ear savior; bringing a ridiculous radical mix of ground breaking arcade machinery that is going nuts in a braindance versus cough syrup kind of way. By inserting a fine hint of happy victorious forms of melody, the whole eccentric happening (that seems to be made for one ear only) gets a refined fineness over it.

To me this *probably* live session comes across as an action game that has never been made, but should have been made! Luckily Maltez already crashed a crash course of the soundtrack for this wonderful game, and now it’s just a matter of time some nerdish programmer will hear it. I hope this smart person will get inspired enough to indeed make the right fitting game for it. I think it should have a Super Mario / Spongebob Square pants feel with added lollipop cuteness, and special wild effects that make you feel as if you have been spinning around for hours on a chair with wheels under it.

It’s frantic action, hitting buttons and dancing like a karate panda bear to be able to give this explosive experimental electronica session the great amount of respect that it so deserves. Are you still with me? Oh well, I guess there is no need to be with me as the music is actually somewhere else. In fact it’s waiting for your single ear only at the following sexy link, go and check it out (and save your other ear):

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