Sacha Müller – 8k Techno

artist: Sacha Müller
title: 8k Techno
keywords: techno, electronic, lobit, 8kbps
label: 8ravens

8Ravens is probably one of the bravest and tightest netlabels around that keeps its focus on a specific part of music that might as well be called the new kind of punk. Where punk now gets a popular stand in every board room and has blended in with normal day popular culture; the releases released by 8Ravens are still waving their middle fingers up in the air by not caring if you dig it or not.

Lately the heaven for 8kbps lobit lovers aka 8Ravens has been rocking out some fine techno/anti techno releases that hopefully keep the spirit around of experimentation and ‘shove a finger up your arse’, as the electronic dance scene (with the help of every day Americans finally dipping in) has become a devastating ‘when will the bass drop’ let’s go slaughter the slaughter house party. Half shaven long haired ugly twats, biologically in corrected mouse heads and playback deejays like Paris Hilton all cater the crowd with stuff so hiply labeled ‘EDM’ while money floats in their pockets. It’s a scene that destroys, but not in a punk way. It’s a scene that hopefully dies out soon, but if not; please don’t be afraid to seek hail and safety in the glorious extreme hole of 8kbps-awesomeness that is 8Ravens.

A place where underground is still underground, techno and anti-techno are the real thing, and (thanks to perfect compression) the sound always sounds excellent! You should check out Jjoth’s latest anti techno techno album, or perhaps the 8kbps work of someone we know as Toxic Chicken to get a dip of the diversity that this label has been putting out in all it’s might and laid-back glory. But most of all, you should try out this full length lobit 8k techno album by one of the real kings of underground music. His name is everywhere and he does everything; from releasing physical releases packed with his own feces to bringing the voluminous acid back at the latest floppy diskette festivals!

This is Sacha Müller, a master of everything but especially framed and hailed in its realer than real techno in your face scene. And here he delivers this fantastic 8kbps techno album to not only proof my point that 8ravens is the gatekeeper for the real thing, but also that Sascha Müller is back fighting with grooves and beats to destroy all the flakes and the fakes; carefully putting back the middle finger in hypnotic punk ass dance techno music.

Good luck trying to resist these fine instant techno stompers. With so much knowledge and total skills Sascha Müller takes no breaks, no fancy haircuts, no biologically incorrect rat heads or any other bullshit & excuses; but delivers exactly all the right ingredients for a pleasurable lobit techno session that will last forever and ever!

Headphones are recommended to completely zone in cyber techno space, although blasting this in all it’s bombastic loudness through speakers will definitely also work; besides it will please the neighbors as you know what they say ‘Sharing is Caring’. But whatever and however you are listening to Sascha Müller’s lobit dance fest, you can guarantee feel the instant vibes that gets the head masterfully bubbly and bouncy. The wobbling baseline, the never failing pounding base-kick, the added decorative sample here and there; it all is done into pure perfection and that it’s all out there in 8kbps is absolutely a marvelous source for warmth and pleasure!

To hell with big ass EDM festivals, to hell with ugly shit haircuts , rat heads and Barbie dolls: listen to Sascha Müller and enjoy extreme lobit techno how it supposed to be!

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