dj physique magnifigue – ep 1

artist dj physique magnifigue
title: ep 1
cat: 20k106
keywords: microhouse, lobit
label: 20kbps
reviewer: Leo Obit

Back in the history books of the internet there was a label that still exist because of firmly rooting its firm roots in the underground. This label is 20kbps, a great source for lobit files that also feature the pleasure that comes with the occasional music. Back in the days on this label there was a new release by dj physique magnifigue. It was named ‘ep 1’ and had a special effect on my ears. Not only did it tickle them with music, but it also seemed to be some kind of data nutrition for the inspirational parts of the mind.

Yes, this release brought back the joy of collective chip chop hop electronic sampling bleep beep blob wop scooby doodelidoo Woop scoop. Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself from writing some obnoxious words to express how these two tracks seem to work. Yes, it’s only two tracks, but just like that saying ‘never look inside a horse his mouth’ it’s enough to write some random words about. I’ve listened to these tracks recently, reliving the good old days of the good old internet; and it has to be said; they are not out of date! In fact if they would have come out now in this future, they would still sound modern and believable.

What does this all mean, you might think? It probably means that if you would see the historic archive of the  20kbps netlabel as some kind of time capsule buried in the underground and now dug up to check it out; its content would be surprisingly new instead of retro. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it certainly is. Is it free?
Oh yes, oh yes it certainly is:

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