Wizard In Danger – Welcome To Anti-Hop

Artist: Wizard In Danger
title: Welcome To Anti-Hop
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, industrial, house, vaporwave
label: Garbage Men Puking Netlabel http://garbagemenpukingnetlabel.bandcamp.com

Let me tell you.. or… excuse me.. Let me inform you about the Anti-Hop movement.
It’s a phenomena coming from the united states of the Americana’s and consist exclusively of creative sound engineers that like to dress up in floppy bunny costumes. They do this not to be cute, but actually to feed the people who have a phobia for people dressed in bunny costumes.
4Dressed like this they go to happenings where they walk (they refuse to hop) around showing off their furry bunny fluff, planting chocolate poisoned eggs for the kids and if they are in a very good mood; listen to pleasant Anti-Hop music.
2There is no real need to be dressed as a bunny to enjoy the Anti-Hop music side of this moving movement, as without; I can grantee you that your ears will be obviously pleased when tuned in Anti-Hop music. As it is actually not just a ‘Fuck You’ to anyone who enjoys Hopping or hop-music:
but pretty much energetic good content!
9One album seems to be a favorite among the Anti-Hop movement,
and it’s no surprise that it is released by the always cleverly twisted Garbage Men Puking netlabel.
7It comes as three lengthy tracks that shouldn’t be seen as one track, but more as an energetic set of wonder. The first session ‘I Look In Your Eyes When You Fuck Me Because I Love Being Scared Of You’ is undefinably cute! It might be strange to hear that with an imaginative title to hide behind; but it is the truth. It is probably done to protect the artist and the secretive Anti-Hop music away from nasty people who just come because they love Hop-music and want something to bash.
6You can’t be bashing or trashing this part of the Anti-Hop release as big chance all humans that don’t give a shit about hopping around, or hop-music; will be happy to “jump’ in! What a joy this session of more than 10 minutes is! It is all over the place, but yet steady and happy with a nice dose of energy; but not up and down too much; so to avoid hopping at all times! It’s really fun, creative, and energetic and will be just as much enjoyed for members and non-members of the Anti-Hop movement. (Although I must admit, after hearing this album; I got myself some anti-hop bunny ears!)
8The next part of the favorite sound anthems that people in the Anti-Hop movement enjoy is called ‘We Can’t Call People Without Wings Angels, So We Call Them Friends.’ This title reveals that this movement is secretly all about love, as who doesn’t like cat people. People, not so much.. But Cat People are lovely! That’s why a rather large part of the extreme militant group within the Anti-Hop movement is also consisting of furry friends and cat lovers. It goes hand in hand, as there are no cats that enjoy Hop-Music. I guess the big connection between them two and this specific release is that ‘cat people’, Anti-Hop-people, and ‘this Anti-Hop’ album are all superbly NON BORING!
Yes, from one moment the track goes for a sleepy feel good vibe, and without pulling your legs you suddenly get a treatment of gambling machines going berserk, rattling sensations, and extreme fun!
All without hopping! Because Fuck Hopping!
5The last surprising anti-Hop surprise in the music way is named ‘The Way You Talk To Me Reminds Me Of The Way Older Children Would Insult Me’, and it’s a twenty minute + extravanganza of experimentation. It begins with exclusive finger pulling, a bit of fine slapstick, comical anti-hopness and then slowly a kind and loving massage with odd sounds as massage-tools!
3Yes, the Anti-Hop movement is a delicate kind of crowd; they might not like to hop, but they certainly do like to enjoy crazy action and some nice chill pill movements on the side!
Download here and download now (you can get your bunny costume later!)

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