Jjoth / Razxca – Split

Artists: Jjoth / Razxca
title: Split
keywords: experimental, cassette culture, ecco jamz, internetcore, newbreed, retrowave, Moscow

Jjoth opens this split among the greatest with a track named ‘Viv’. it is here that the experimental artist provides a mysterious electronic work that has a fair likeness with a cat that explores something that makes the fury creature wonder and ponder. There is a theme to this, and yet it is so difficult to explain by words as this kind of music is not so much discussable as it is one that needs to be explored instead of read about. Yet because of stubborn reasons you might try to keep on reading, although these words will keep on insuring that it’s better to just listen to it instead.

The mysterious music has a fine mix of pleasant and unpleasantness. The melody and production might be mysteriously pleasant, but the sound choice might be sometimes a bit high up in your lubes ear holes. It’s a mix of pleasure and pain, and of course the mysterious vibes of a clueless cat wondering about.. See, I told you it’s better to hear it, then actually reading about it.

The second track is drastically called ‘HIV’ and loses the mystery cat vibe and replaces it with technoid in-your-face alien fascination. Laser like sounds are penetrating the ears, excessive blurb of unclear sound presents itself and ecstasy for the mind simple bubbles up in audio form. Yes, Jjoth takes it’s listeners down for a piece of delightful ear candy & you’ll probably have no reason to really say no to this one.

Than it is Razxca’s turn to bring his work of wonders to the split. And honestly it is here that my heartbeat seems to flow in order to go with the pretty presented sounds. Experimental intakes that come across as experiments should be; without anything to hold on going for warmth and sound as its main kinky ingredients. This first part is ambient ears friendly, sounding kind and warm enough to sit next to when it’s cold outside.

The next session has a much more drastic industrial flavor, slowly progressing of machine-ish factory sound that takes the ears hostage in a fine noised up loop that transforms slightly to function as some kind of successful hypnotic magician.

The third part is the kind hypnotic variant as it loses the noise leaving a nice chemical trace of pure Zen to leave the listeners mind in a serene state of serenity. This is perfect for meditational purposes, but also without it; it will be deeply appreciated. You might want to give it an experimental try over at the following link:

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