open invitation for the Floppy Fetish meeting

Your invited for the Floppy Fetish meeting
1Floppy Disks are sentimental pieces that a generation grew up with as their pride and joy. They wobbled when they first appeared, then they shrunk in outside appearance, but at the same time expanded their data so more stuff could fit in.

It’s the opposite of a dick really; in erect form there is lots of blood located in there, and when it’s down, it simply is smaller and yet less full. This is probably where the term ‘floppy dicks’ had come from, and if not; let’s pretend it came from this thought.

Floppy Dicks / Floppy Disks, it’s so close and yet so different. A great thing to say on repeat in case someone wants to break their tongues. Come on, try it! just say it and see if you can keep up with it; Floppy Dicks / Floppy Disks , Floppy Dicks / Floppy Disks , Floppy Dicks / Floppy Disks etc..

Could you do it without breaking your tongue? That’s great. Very lovely of you to play along… You might ask what is wrong today? Why this word play crap? Why the dicks and disks mashup? The thing is; it’s a fetish. Yes, Floppy Disks is a fetish. Floppy Disks and floppy dicks are frequently seen together doing dodgy things. The Floppy Disk is the arousal and the floppy dicks are the aroused. But it’s not only floppy dicks that enjoy the floppy disks companionship a bit closer than your average retro nerd; oh no, floppy disks are also hot stuff for proud owners of floppy vaginas.
What? You don’t believe me? Well just like any other fetish in the world, the mutual fetish people seek each other out on strange corners of the internet, and when they have enough comfort and members; they go to their own fetish clubs, fetish nights or even special fetish talk groups. And indeed the floppy disk fetish is not an exception.
Once in a while floppy fetishists worldwide come together, they meet all mass in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in a place called Worm. What they do there behind closed doors stays behind those close doors, as like most extreme fetishes of this kind; privacy is very important. Floppy Fetishists simply don’t want to take the risk of coming to work and having to explain in front of the whole company what a floppy disk fetish is.

But times are changing and the world is getting more and more open for the unexplored and sexually intriguing explorations. After heavy marketing and trying to test out what reactions to this behind closed doors scene might be, the crew of this secret floppy disk fetish meeting decided to finally open the doors this year for non-floppy disks fetishists. Yes, that’s right; this is the first year that anyone can come in and have a look, have a chat, do a meet and greet and be free to ask questions..
This year the Floppy Fetish members’ are coming out, having no fear and stand up strong as proud members of this floppy crowd. Press, everyday normal people, weirdos, billionaires, punks and doctors; everyone is free to come over and check the great atmosphere out. You might even come out as a floppy disk enthusiast yourself, and finally have the opportunity to share these floppy feelings with other mind liked personas. It’s a true blessing and you should be proud of who you are, and what attracts you the most!

Here nobody will stop you when you shove a floppy disk in your private parts, here nobody will judge you when you French kiss your favorite pink floppy diskette for hours, here no person will get a bad look when they are seen holding hands with a floppy disk..
The happening will be happening on 19 of June under the name of ‘Floppy Totaal’ (a code word for total floppy satisfaction! It starts at 8 and will go on with a complete floppy disk deejay set in the late hours.
For more info and the program you can check the venue’s website.
Please do come, but please do respect the floppy disks and their close friends.

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