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Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic

Artist: Bottlesmoker Title: Hypnagogic Keywords: electronic, experimental, IDM label: Dystopiaq Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music … Continue reading

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Josh Quillen – Steel Drums

artist: Josh Quillen title: Steel Drums keywords: steel drums reviewer: Willem van O. Josh Quillen has drums of steel! With these steel drums he plays music for his wonderful wife, and kind that the musician is; has now recorded 15 … Continue reading

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Randomform – Furtherfield

Artist: Randomform title: Furtherfield format: tape / digital keywords: detroid, electronic,IDM,apocalyptic,atmospheric,experimental,glitch,sound design,techno With a bit of a space fart mixed with atmospheric samples, an introduction track introduces itself. It’s named ‘further’ and without further mumbling it makes way for the … Continue reading

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Flácido Domingo – Furrr Ist Deengerouz! EP

Artist: Flácido Domingo title: Furrr Ist Deengerouz! EP keywords:electronic,hardtek,idm,reggaeton,amen,breakcore,dancecore,darkstep,hardcore ,speedcore,Madrid Flácido Domingo is like a flipped out master chef. After getting his hands on the finest collection of useable (and abusable)  groceries for the ears, he takes out his master … Continue reading

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Jack Hertz – Nataraja

Artist: Jack Hertz title: Nataraja keywords: 100th, ambient, electronic, fourth world, jam, intelligent, ambient, music, jack hertz, Nataraja, soundtrack, drone, electroacoustic film music, San Francisco label: Aural Films Jack Hertz is celebrating his 99 releases with 1 more! And this … Continue reading

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Rikki Sho – Drift Away

Artist: Rikki Sho Title: Drift Away Keywords: ambient, long form, drone, electronic Listening to Rikki Sho’s ‘Drift Away’ is like hanging under neath a sky glider diving in a subtle way through the air that is slightly cool, and yet … Continue reading

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Niek Hilkmann – Knak (floppy version)

Artist: Niek Hilkmann title: Knak (floppy version) format: Floppy keywords: dutch, pop, electronic, floppy disk, folk, lobit, label: Wrieuw Recordings Niek Hilkmann is a bit like that fat guy from Asterix and Obelix… No not body wise, but more … Continue reading

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