Cryovolcano – 008

Artist: Cryovolcano
title: 008
cat: DER021
format: Floppy Disk
label: Diskette Etikette Rekords

In the time that ‘Cryovolcano’ aka ‘the lobit gothfather’ was still called ‘Cryovolcano’ (nowadays it’s ‘The Cryovolcano’) a brilliant must have chapter in the producers oeuvre had been established on the fantastic source of retro futurism; Diskette Etikette Records.

This release is ‘008’ and probably captures ‘Cryovolcano’ at its most devine, delivering a practical inside out sentimental episode of (indeed) lobit-gothfathership. The floppy diskette album is more than 40 minutes long and can be best enjoyed while sitting behind a wooden desk in the shadows while a furry cat is sleeping dangerously in your lap. It has this atmosphere that makes the listener feel humble to be witnessing the musical aura that Cryovolcano so carefully had created for us floppy disk & real life lovers.

^ how romantic it is

But without drifting away down bullshit lane, let’s talk about the progression of this full length album so carefully made to fit on a fantastic floppy friend. It all start with a work named ‘Monochrome’, which comes across as a serene song in which Cryovolcano goes into some sort of retrospective, and softly and electro-organically delivers the song and music in great style and class.

I feel like a trespasser that trespasses the boundaries of what to share, and what to keep in the hidden background; but yet I can’t resist stealing and copying / pasting down the wishful written lyrics that this song is so richly flavored off:

If we reach back
deep inside
and peel away the layers
onionskin lies
We could drop back our heads
the skyward way that she said
and just feel

If I reach you
From the other side
I’ll spread out a web
of infinite time
We’d lie on optic threads
a skyward gaze in our heads
and just feel

A flick of the wrist
a cellophane kiss
you can’t feel
A fifty-yard stop
another world in a drop
you can’t feel

It’s unreal

Yep, I know.. I’m way out of line by publishing the lyrics to this song on such a dodgy form like this; and without permission even! It’s probably time to feel the heath of a lobit gothfather hired hitman (or hit-girl) on our tails!  Or perhaps the lobit gothfather will come out and liquidates us with his awesomeness. In any case; it is worth to leak this information as the album here is one that many other floppy albums could learn a lot from. It’s coming across as highly personal (that’s why pasting the lyrics here, feels like such a ‘no, no!’) and also as a very intimate release. The voice of Cryovolcano sounds rustic and yet determent to deliver you the best warmth that you can feel, showing that even in a robotic industrial world, there is place for sentimental heartiness among rustic souls.

The melody and music of choice is perfectly fitting, delivering a slow tempo that is utterly romantic and will probably resort in excessive stroking of that furry cat on your lap (when listening to this album in such a suggested position). Another perfect way to listen would be with a loved one; crawled up into each other with Cryovolcano doing its poetic mechanics for pure romance and sincere sensual tensions in the backdrop. Just be sure to respect the music, as there is a big chance Cryovolcano will be hovering its futuristic head above the music scenery once in a while.

^ hello

^ hello

With Cryovolcano in the romantic mood you can guarantee yourself (and all who listens along) ((goth knows, you might have been planning an orgy!))  That the experience of listening to ‘The Drifting Hill (part 2)’ on this floppy diskette gives us more privacy while strangely adding even more intimacy. The music comes up and down in a beautiful calm way, smoothly carving a pretty landscape in which fantasists can fantasize pretty landscapes and all round gorgeousness.

^ a random scenery that the internet search engine came up with

^ a random scenery that the internet search engine came up with

The gothfather of lobit might be known in some parts as a tough cookie, but here in the exclusivity of this ‘008’ floppy disk; the true feeling of love and romance goes to tremendous lengths to give each lucky listener a wealth of wise sounding goodness.  Just inhale and exhale along and let everything go, enjoy stroking the furry cat hair in the darkness, or the hairs of a loved one in an intimate lovable position: you must be very thick not to enjoy this album!

^ so romantic!

^ so romantic!

You really should check it out, get your hands on it, and bring it towards your ears as this is important material. An unmisable floppy album and part of the ever growing collection of fantastic sounding output of quality lobit producer Cryovolcano. Go and get it over here, for yourself or a loved one; as if this isn’t the sound of romance, than what else is?
This is probably the most romantic floppy in the entire world:

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