Alphastare/Wings of an Angel – Just Psychopathics

Artist: Alphastare/Wings of an Angel
title: Just Psychopathics
keywords: experimental, abstract, ambient, experimental, electronic, noise, outsider music ,psychedelic ,sound collage ,soundscape ,synths ,San Francisco

Insecure contrabass comes over from the warm shadows to shyly check what is going on. The sound is soft, as if the music slides on soft furry slippers out of the speakers, not sure enough if it would like to be heard or not. (It must be the insecurity) But as listeners can spot the insecure contrabass innocently gazing around the room that you attempt to play it in, the sound of being pure (and insecure!) is captured in its full glory; A mystic smog that fills the ears with a delightful fog made out of sound. There is nothing to be insecure about, insecure contrabass, you are quite the handsome untouchable and almost invisible individual that we can hear with our very own ears, and cheer with our very own words. My compliment seems to work as the ‘insecure contrabass’ shows its pretty shimmery flamboyant misty feathers, before hiding itself again in a safe hidden corner.

Space Age Anhedonia is not so shy, clearly has no time to play hide and seek as it zooms itself in the hearing range. Clouds of space particles are spreading like steam from a scientist approved miniature in-house sound rocket. In circles it goes, getting the whole environment in a spacious mood that makes the sound of a gigantic sworn of bees into something that could come from a zone in the outer corners of space. The music is dense, stable, thick and light. When the whole sound is settling in, it comes across as an elevating expansion of movement in which we are stuck in a happening, before the actual happening seems to happen. This would be something like a David Lynch movie, if the renowned movie maker would have been more interested in science and science fiction.

It’s fair to say that the music moves on, and slides the listener to a more calm and seemingly safer place of the instant sound orchestrated galaxy. Soft ringing sounds meet up with a little electronic breeze, and leaves the door open for colorful little gasses to come out and redecorate the abstract scenery. It is here that I feel to pick up an empty beer bottle and blow some air in its opening; interaction and respectful musical acknowledgement is what this sound trip deserves, and definitely gets from this side of the universe.

But don’t blow that bottle too long or too hard as you won’t be able to enjoy the soft rinsing and comfortable happening of the rest of this chapter. It’s delightfully soft, as if the sound has shaped pillows full of warm and pretty hiss for you to rest your head in.

Deadbeat Rickshaw is the next part of this release, and it’s quite the pleasant undertaking. You will be pleased to meet atmospheric synths that form a psychedelic orchestra in which alien encounters seems to be unavoidable, and yet they are coming across as pretty good companionship. Synth movements are mixing future and retro moods together, and the rhythmic sounding underlying sound pastry is carefully organizing a reason for self-hypnosis.

The music has the grotesque feeling of it being a movie soundtrack, but it is not needed to be actually made as the fields of stars and galaxy traveling, with here and there a psychedelic revelation, is probably more intensive and pretty in your own head than any silent Hollywood movie can produce.

It’s all up to your own imagination how to interpreted this work, but me personally feel as if I’m experiencing being abducted by aliens who go for a lot of mental research, with flash lights, beaming flickering lasers, alien doctors singing songs and me trying to saw of the restraints. But why resist this awesome and pretty cinematic experience? Sit back and enjoy the show!

Rugged Electric Sea is the final work and definitely not leaves the ears without going for another chapter of the tripping mind. The location must be on some mysterious planet, as epic orchestral works softly sweeps the awareness of the unknown world all in our sub consciousness. There are signs of ‘coming to terms with things’ there are signs of ‘being satisfied’ and there are signs that feel as if we aren’t alone on this planet after all. Eccentric lonely birds sing in the distance, electric insects pop in the shadows. It’s a peaceful scene and for a moment I feel as if the music leads us through a rusty gate to utter relaxedness and calmness. Might this be alien-heaven?

If you have time, it certainly is advised to relax and tune into this galaxy of sound available at the following link:

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  1. alphastare says:

    Thanks for taking the trip!

  2. alphastare says:

    Reblogged this on DaDaEntry23 and commented:
    Vivid and thoughtful description of this collaboration!

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