Sacha Müller – Der Läufer

1Artist: Sacha Müller
title:  Der Läufer
cat: 1.44!005
format: Floppy
keywords: ambient, electronic, dance, summer, house, chill-out, floppy
label: 1.44!

Softly banging your head to a tune is a recommended mandatory while blazing the chillingly summer relaxing vibes that come of this cute floppy disk release by Sascha Müller. It’s a loop of perfectionism, in which everyone’s dream of a ‘good time standing still’ can be achieved with pure pleasure.

Sascha Müller’s version of Groundhog Day is unlike the life of Bill Murray one of heaven and comfort. Here the music blast a refined beat that twinkles and glitters like an inviting lollipop in a candy bar. What a pleasure it gives when the floppy disk plays, and gives the tempo of relaxation in such a shoulder loosening way.

This is not the only pleasurable artifact that this floppy diskette cherished, no there is warmth, in the shape of even more relaxing sweeping smoothly orchestrated mellowness in light weight melody. This is so good, so redefined and calculated material in their togetherness that the only thing an owner of this floppy disk could possibly do; is sitting and chilling and relieving this perfect summer moment of music over and over again.

It is so strong in bringing light, that the simple question arises of ‘why on earth would you want anything else to disturb your pleasurable version of Groundhog Day? Every day is heaven and heaven seems to be endless and forever, thanks to this pretty diskette and of course the producing work of Sascha Müller.  Get it if you can, as you won’t regret this diskette when it plays forever and ever all through the various ages of your life. Now is the time to finally enjoy pleasure in a non-confronting way, finally enjoy a floppy that is more useful than the predictions of the weatherman; as with this disk the sun will shine for eternity!

You can get yourself the perfect soundtrack for your everyday life, by ordering a precious copy (limited to 10 copies!) over at the 1.44! label:

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