23 hours ago on facebook…

Almark: Hello there
wondered if you have heard about #WEATNU
it’s a movement I started in aug 2014 for electronic artists, thought you might want to be part of it?
one of your artists are with us actually

about an hour ago…

Alex Spalding: Actually, I had not heard, it’s a movement you say? What is it all aboot?

Almark: I’ll show you a PDF.

Alex Spalding: Damn dude, you really put something together here in a short span of time and, to not even beat around the bush, it’s looking impressive, like you’ve found a real calling with this. I gotta give you the proverbial thumbs up on a job well done, here.

One of the things in the last several years I’ve bore witness to, it’s really almost like an ongoing frustrating motif of the past decade or so, is how many people have been trying and struggling with the concept and especially the execution in putting together, in a real, tangible and quality form, with good functionality, an enterprise of this magnitude that appeals to the community of underground electronic artists, without the poor coding, the elitism, the egos, the limited time investment so many individuals have, etc. and from at least a cursory glance what is immediately appealing about this, what you’ve created here, is that you appear to have hit the right marks, and have done what so many other people have tried and failed to do for themselves and for others. Presuming that it’s going how you think it should be (all while accepting that plenty more will naturally always need be done, just the nature of the industry) It’s a landmark achievement and you should be proud of this.

A casual viewer will be enticed, in that the organization’s web presence is very user friendly, the layout is navigable, sleek, it pops to the eyes, the numbers jump out at you, and there are several obvious features available that I think people expect and are readily given in the links.

If I had any critique at all, it wouldn’t be a critique so much as a bit of sage advice from witnessing lesser organizations struggle and fail time after time in the past, it would be to always, always accentuate the positives as far as the arts and personalities and the niche you’re carving for yourselves all go and deal with negatives as they come up in a professional, depersonalized manner, more like an obstacle to overcome with tact, and the reason I say this is only because once cynicism takes root in an organization, and people can smell it when it does, it spells doom every time.

There are a lot of problems in the music industry, and I think everyone in our generation knows it. We’ve internalized that. People have died and are dying over it. Problems have answers, though, and sometimes finding an answer isn’t the answer, it’s about applying solutions, and WEATNU seems to me to be one such solution to a few of these, so I would like to encourage you to keep at this. 😉

Thanks for sending the links, man.


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4 Responses to WEATNU

  1. alphastare says:

    I am pleased to be a part of the movement!

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