Flat Affect – Midi Sessions 1 & 2

1Artist: Flat Affect
title: Midi Sessions 1 & 2
format: mp3 / Floppy
keywords: Midi, drone, experimental, avant-garde, ambient, sound adventures
label: 4m@ / Diskette Etikette Rekords

Flat Affect’s Midi Sessions is (as you could expect) a full length experimental sound adventure, purely done in everyone’s favorite Midi format. Here Flat Affect goes to outer corners to explore Midi as it has not been explored before. Along this journey you can travel & enjoy all the curious findings, sounds and mysterious paragraphs in sound that are  probably never captured in this format before.

The journey features what you might call an experimental approach to Midi music, and the result is one source for extravagant mindfulness, avant-garde ambient, Midi-drone, and perhaps even relaxed elevating Midi-noise. The sessions are in a length that will make them easily the choice of music when going for a yoga style listening session. Just arrange yourself a yoga mat to sit on, close your eyes and listen to these Midi soundscapes that Flat Affect has created with seemingly deep care and love. Big chance you will find an inner and outer world of bliss and togetherness.

This is probably what surprises people the most; that this is not just a conceptually interesting release series, but that the actual results are brilliantly worked-out, and actually overruling the whole idea of the actual concept. When I experienced these Midi sessions for example, I completely forgot that it was Midi that was coming out of the speakers! Flat Affect truly had managed to make the in overall cheap sounding Midi, sounding modern and insanely good!

There is no need for an expensive luxury sound studio with Dolby surround 3D options, as a creative producer like ‘Flat Affect’ simply proofs that his full length Midi-sessions albums (all perfectly stuck on floppy disk!) can be just as outstanding in quality through good use of imagination, creativity and the ability to choose the right sounds for the job.

Listening to these sessions with an open mind is like listening to a fantasy in which sounds form characters in a story. It is probably all depending on the sound absorbing individual and their imagination what will be seen with the eyes closed, when Flat Affect’s Midi sessions are doing their thing; but for me it was a mix of:

‘coughing frogs, a slow-motion cat and mouse game, helicopters with engine problems, jumping pinball playing bunnies, shimmering snails crawling and sliding all mass on a pair of cymbals, Zen masters holding up cups and pans above the head and hammering them hypnotically, strange insects with large legs running through green bushes, the engines of underwater submarines and muffled failing heartbeats, table cutlery and asthmatic dogs raising glasses of wine, the sea, the waves and the sun… ‘

It reads perhaps as a manic work, but these Midi sessions are in such a length that every chapter gives enough time and space to become the soundtrack for an enjoyable self-imagined story. Highly recommended!
2You can download Volume 1 of Flat Affect’s Midi sessions for free from 4m@ records, (a nice gift, and a good way to check out what this is all about!), and Volume 2 is released on floppy disk through Diskette Etikette Rekords. And you know what? If you get your hands on Volume 2, Volume 1 will be included as a bonus! And in the crazy case of you not having a floppy disk drive to play the album; as an extra bonus you can ask DER to send the flop with a free CD version of these Midi sessions! Now that’s What I Call Quality Customer Care & Awesomeness!

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