Opine Ko$insky – Seven Inches

Artist: Opine Ko$insky
title: Seven Inches
keywords: electronic, hip-hop, abstract, any-core, breakcore, dubstep, electronica, experimental, idm, jungle, wonky, Edinburgh
label: Acre Recordings www.acre-recordings.co.uk
reviewer: Fred Loppy

There are 15 floppy disks in the whole wide world that are devoted to Seven Inches by Opine Kosinsky. And unbelievable or not, there are seemingly still some copies available for the lucky floppy disc hoarders under us. Yes, this is not an acute attack of the fever that is heating up your body; but indeed an instant floppy gold rush that stoked up your inner fire quite enthusiastically.

Rightly so! Because all who wants to get their nifty fingers dirty on one of these amazing floppy disks, will be over the moon, with this chance for ultra-luckiness. The music is what you might call a cool aired chop-hop groovy work that although eccentric, strange and kinda weird, keeps it’s listeners in a tight grip of groovy groove. No wonder that the ‘Acre label’ had to give this pretty baby a respectful home, as there are very few artists out there that make old school vibes, shining through something that is experimental and sounding so brand new.

The first track might be containing more traditional flavor in hip-hop music, but in the second version it becomes clear that all breaks have gone and only beats and groovy bliss will pop up to shove the danceable, smokeable, enjoyable bombastic sunglasses wearing grooves in your delighted ears.

This is perhaps bordering on vaporwave, but it is just like the label so proudly sparkles around in its writing up; close related to hip-hop.
But think experimental hip-hop, think all over the place found sounds and trickery. But whatever you think, nothing beats hearing the thing for real as it’s so playful without losing its overall sexy groove that it quite frankly is probably one of those rare and almost unheard off top notch top crops under the flops!

Planning an evening smoking blow, chilling out with your cool friend? This might be the floppy diskette that will turn the roles around and make you ‘the cool one’.
Go and get your copy over here:

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