Valanx – Silver

Artist: Valanx
title: Silver
format: 3″ CD
keywords: experimental, electronic,
label: diametric music
reviewer: Willem van O.

It has to be said, listening to the sneak preview of an album normally doesn’t get me excited or out and about to write some sign of support. But the heard sound snippets that are spread around to get people’s attention towards a nice album by Valanx, is enough to make me drool with a wet tongue down my knees.

This sounds very good, not just a little good; no seriously, it sounds very good. And this is only the promotional sound snippet that I’m talking about. You know a few seconds of the tracks to get a bit of an impression how they will sound like. No idea how to judge or review music with a sound snippet, but it’s an understandable approach as nowadays everything online is easy to rip off, and place in mp3 form on to your computer. But I’m sure with an (I presume) great release like this one by Valanx, no person would even think to rip off and steal the music without paying for it. I mean, common the music snippets are already so good; you just feel like you want to support this artist.. It’s that kind of great.. Or well the preview audio snippets are, eh?

It’s hard to judge the whole ride, but strongly doubt it will not live up to the high expectations, that listening to these ‘sound snippets’ gives. It’s a bit like try before you buy, or perhaps comparable to a walk in the red light district in Amsterdam and checking out ‘the goods’ in the windows to see if you want to go in or not. If you have a bit of an instinct you’ll probably know which flirt will be up your alley, and which one will be for someone else.

And in this case (not suggesting that Valanx sits in such a window) After the quick peek , I would definitely like to go in and experience the complete release. It must be a unforgettable listening session, a scene never too forget and I’ll probably return often.. Happy and satisfied and recommending it too all my friends. You know; the rules of the quiet good costumer who plays, listens and respects.. And spreads the word!

But in this case ‘sound snippets’ speak louder than words, so it’s best to let them do all the talking, the flirting and the convincing. So here they are, presented in a sound cloud so to get a taste what you will get, or what not to get, when deciding if you fancy this release:

So.. did you fancy these snippets? Did it make your mouth watery? Is it the stuff that you would go for?  Do you have some pocket money to spend? Here is link to the exclusive place in case you want to order this electronic goodness:

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