Adam Thorton – the Human Being Machine

Artist: Adam Thorton
Title: the Human Being Machine
Keywords: alternative
reviewer: Willem van O.

What do our info papers say about Adam Thorton? Not a lot. In fact we don’t have a dossier on this artist; which is a real shame as hearing this happy go lucky EP from mister Thorton, we all should be very interested in him and his music. What a nice discovery, what a pleasant surprise, what a happy moment of happy moments this EP by Adam Thorton is.

I personally couldn’t stand the lack of knowledge of the person behind this good sounding release. It sounded very professional, but also jolly and out of the mainstream, some catchy side road of Devo friendly alternative electronic pop that pretty much nails it all. It got me excited me from my toes all the way up to the top of my own head. I simply couldn’t sleep not knowing who is the smart person behind this release, who is Adam Thorton? Who oh who?

A google search reveals that there are more Adam Thortons, or perhaps it’s a complete alien race called Adam Thorton. A small selection of the Adam Thorton reveals:

– Adam Thorton the clay lover
– Adam Thorton the insurance agent
– Adam Thorton the body builder
– adam_thorton the financial adviser
– Adam Thorton the TV repairman.
– Adam Thorton the petty thief
– Adam Thorton  the sex offender..

Oh no! I guess all these Adam Thorton’s are probably not the Adam Thorton that I was searching for. I guess in this case the digital search engine failed to satisfy my curiosity, and this leaves me with empty unprofessional reporter hands. Sorry infotainment readers; I know it sucks… It can’t be Christmas every day…

But whoever the Adam Thorton is responsible for the music on this release, it certainly is a source for quality joy. Take for example the first tune ‘Self-examination’, it’s in my ears the strongest song on the release and Adam Thorton did good to deliver it straight away. It has everything to be considered as a ‘single’, having a fairly reasonable easy going mood, featuring very nice synths and theme. It’s also the song in which we have the pleasure to hear Adam Thorton sing, and it sounds bright and retro in a dreamy vibe.

‘Inside out from the outside in’ is the track that keeps the likable strong points of the music done by this particular Adam Thorton in tact, but does sound more specific in synthesizer sound. It’s perhaps not the radio hit song, but it sure will please fans of ‘Air’ or other synth-pop dream bands. For some reason I have a feeling that Adam Thorton is having one leg in the future and the other somewhere in a scene from the seventies. Both of these teeth combines are a quality combination that non of the other Adam Thorton’s can cast a dark shadow over.

The third track is ‘Don’t build a friendship out here’ and is one of those public favorites that has the possible power to turn every adventurous listener into a fan at first listen. Everything is pleasurable, as Adam Thorton colors this track in with nice quality flubber music, some scratching parrots and a feel good lazy vibe that made me think of this online digital avatar world. You might know it, I believe it’s called ‘Second Life’ and is a platform in which lazy real life people, are living a active virtual life.

You know what… This release by Adam Thorton reminds me of ‘Postal Service’. I was thinking this at the early stages of the listening session, but stupidly couldn’t remember the name. Luckily my mysterious brother was available at the help line at home, giving it And even name dropped another similar project ‘death can for cutie’ that you might know, or want to check out if you like Adam Thorton & the postal service.

But this release by Adam Thorton is of course a priority to check out, as with less fame and a name that needs a bit of a cleanup in online reputation; it’s good to enjoy the musical goodies that this EP consist of. Just enjoy finger snapping along with ‘the hard sweets’ and ‘we are us all’. Feel the summer goodness with ‘the skipping sun’ and basically forget all the other Adam Thorton’s you might ever had heard off. This is music by Adam Thorton and big chance you (or someone you know) will be very happy hearing it! Enjoy!

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1 Response to Adam Thorton – the Human Being Machine

  1. Thanks so much for this review. I am currently representing Adam. Adam certainly needs more press. That’s kind of my mission right now is to get his name out there and get him some press. You always do a great job with your reviews, always generous and on point. I can tell you take time to really listen. It’s much appreciated.

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