A top 5 of high grossing underground music videos

A top 5 of high grossing underground music videos
Everyone knows that underground music is big business. Nowadays it’s uncountable on one hand how many D.I.Y. Labels and in dependent artists have hit the jackpot and are living in great wealth thanks to their own art. Especially now that even the mainstream crowds are abandoning this stream in favor for personalized one-of-a-kind floppy disks, CDr’s, tapes, VHS cassettes and the occasional piece of vinyl with great sounding underground music captured on them; the new generation of wealthy self made billionaires are popping up like magic mushrooms.

The tactic for the promotion of underground music might be a bit different than commercial made music, but still there are similarities as in video clips. They might not be signed with a major video distributor like Blebo, or even recognized on the download and streaming statistics like billboard; but video clips are out there and some of them are just as expensive (some even more!) to make than their commercial orientated sisters. Here is a top 5 list of extremely expensive video clips by underground artists:

1. ROARSHOK – 103180
This brand new video clip for IDM artist ROARSHOK  is one high on top of this list. It is directed, visually mixed, conceptualized and produced by multi Grammy, music maker, Dramacore label owner and Nobel peace prize award winner ehafh . The whole production for this specific video clip has been years in the making, and even more years to actually cut it down to fit the actual music. The video clip’s production cost has an established total of around 10,000.000$. This amazing amount is a case of great investment as the video clip has probably the most spectacular special video effects, colors (some of them never ever seen on video before!) and even features creatures and surgically created faces of pure beauty. The main reason for its excessive high price is the fact that it had been all made in the ‘Neverland Range’ with specially designed and never used before machinery. Oh and lots of acid…

2. Jjoth – Viv
At an established price of 8,900.000$ this underground video directed and orchestrated by the legendary Jjoth  has been a close runner up in this expensive video list. It’s for the single from a split among legends and, although the video looks like it’s made with computers and animation software; this visual spectacle is real! Everything that you see is constructed in a real life studio and there is no computer used in the entire production. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s the truth and also a reasonable reason why this stunning visualized video clip’s cost had been spinning out of proportion. Fun fact: the actor who played the upside down piece sign had to go to hospital from having too much blood in his head. He had unfortunately died, but as you can see in the video; his death was worth it.

3. Clockwork Orchestra – Percy
The video clip of Clockwork Orchestra might have a homemade look and vibe, but is secretly all filmed and directed by Emmy winner ‘Rob Britton’ with the use of high tech cameras and super deluxe editing equipment. The room in which the video is being played out is not (as what you might think) an actual room, but a prop setup in the middle of a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. The estimated production price for this specifically stunning video club is around 5,700.000 which (considering the special effects) is well worth it.

Alex Spalding – No Mistaking
Alex Spalding’s No Mistaking video clip (for his single from the exeunt-omnes album) had an unusual large budget, taking up at least 1 million in pizza deliveries, and 3 million for the rental of helicopters, camera’s, the rental of Google cars and tons of cigarettes. The digital process of special color use has also added to the price being in the high corners of production cost. But it has to be said, the video clip for his underground tune ‘No Mistaking’ is indeed looking grand and glorious. Spectacular shots taken from the air, a nice view to the Hollywood hills and of course the work of a very expensive hair stylist can all be seen at work in the following video.

5 Hiyohiyoipseniyo – el aguaCero
This is probably the most expensive underground video clip of all times. This one had cost the investor more then 11,500.000$! It’s one of the highest amounts paid for an experimental music video ever! And it’s true that the visuals in the cutting edge video might be coming across as simple, but the philosophical progress and with the shooting troubled with failing equipment and other costly difficulties; the production cost had been running up the hill and far out of the investor his wallet. Was it worth it? Statistically probably yes, (being mentioned in the Guinness book of records is always cool!) but visually?

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