Material Action – Mekanomikon [Instrumental]

Artist: Material Action
title: Mekanomikon [Instrumental]
keywords: cosmic wave, electro,electronic,funk,post-industrial,progressive, Springfield

Everybody will interpret music in a different way; sometimes tracks just come as music and at other times music might be turning into fantasy scenes that you actually never had thought off in your life. This also was the case when listening to a dreamy track by Material Action. The great relaxing electronic rhythmic ambient vibe was perfect for me to close my lazy eyes and snoozed slightly off into dreamland.

Here the thing happened and as usual I’ll try to explain what it was precisely. Basketball players, tall, famous NBA ones, they came over dribbling with a bouncing ball. The squeaky shoes made no sound, but the ball could clearly be heard. As in a dream the basketball players invited me to join their game and as a miracle they passed the ball and without any talent at sports; I found myself dribbling the basketball among the great stars of this game.
It was a fuzzy dream; wearing sport shoes that made me jump as if I had the weight of a feather. One jump must have been such a graceful sight for the fellow basketball players as they cheered while I flew like a ballerina to score a point among the greatest. It was a short day dream perhaps, but it all came thanks to this track by Material Action. It came as a unsuspected surprise but with dreaming away on such cool music like this track named ‘mekanomikon’, nothing is impossible:

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