Graffiti Mechanism – Forget Me Not

Artist: Graffiti Mechanism
title: Forget Me Not
format: free download mp3 / floppy diskette / CDr
keywords: proc records, sp net, lobit, ambient, electronic
label: SP

We can’t and shouldn’t forget about the underground king and legendary example, producer, source for inspiration, and his excellent pretty top notch music! Graffiti Mechanisn! He is been hiding in his secret music basement for quite some time now, but while we hopefuls wait for the awaited return from his absence, you can swim in a legacy of music that he had so kindly donated to the world.

‘Forget me not’ is such a release that will touch anyone with a kind and gentle heart. It is a release covered in beautiful and soulful made music that goes straight into anyone who hears it. It’s here that Graffiti Mechanism really brings out his pretty side, colorfully engaging in those mellow melodies that come across as severely sincere, talented and very wanted.

This is what all music should be like, but so very little is like this.

Graffiti Mechanism (aka Adam Crammond) is a man who lives through his music and with this absolutely stunning (and occasionally hypnotically) collection of beautiful melodic music, you can hear the sound of love; real love. From all the releases that I’ve heard that had been captured on floppy diskette; this must be music-wise the most beautiful in the entire world.

free download or physical copy? or both!?

free download or physical copy? or both!?

You cannot miss out on hearing the profound feelings from this talented legend being brought to life through this magnificent collection of melodic wonders. It’s my favorite album of all time, and it’s available for free download (just in case you can’t get your hands on one of these golden floppies), which is a real recommendation to do so. You will not regret downloading and certainly not forget this music by everyone’s favorite underground producer:

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