Hybernation & Rainbow Valley – Parcel 02

artists: Hybernation & Rainbow Valley
title: Parcel 02
keywords: ambient, experimental, lobit, chill out,heaven
labels: Parcel (physical release) / L0bit (digital)

Hybernation comes in with his ‘First Rays’ and carefully brings the eager listening ears into a very pretty and beloved journey of friendliness. It’s a sentimental happening that managed to show no heaviness inside; making it into a openings track that unlocks and opens up the heart to give it a little mellow melodic medicine.

There will be more goodness as ‘Hybernation’ not just simply disappears in the distance, but comes back with a sophisticated good looking (and sounding!) piece of pure pleasantness. It has something Celtic over it, something serene and pure that made me think about a nice part of nature, you know; green hills, flower fields and pretty relaxed blue skies in a calm breeze of an  early fantasized winter.

Oh, Chocolate’ is the third pretty wonder on this release, and here Hybernation once again delivers a classy and pure appealing miniature of melody.  It’s no joke that (just like the flow of munching on chocolate) you simply don’t want it to stop or go away.

Rainbow Valley’s First Light is a pretty piece in which the lobit rated hills form the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard for me to freshly describe this part of the release, because honestly I’ve played it so many times that it turned into a personal classic, something that has completely been integrated in my personal life as one of my favorite soundtracks. The main reason why this appears to be such a quality track that leaves me lost for words, is probably because it’s one of those soundtracks that goes hand in hand with soft breathing while being kindly in sync with the beating of a heart at ease.
Does this make sense? Or is this the place that reviews don’t actually have to make sense?

Anyway; even if the heart is not at ease, this music always seems to deliver the certain calmness that is needed to make it so. I always describe this as the sound that is ‘lobit heaven’. And right now, I’m describing it again in the same way..

This heavenly feeling of beauty is also what brings the next and last track named ‘Sova’ high up the list of favorites among favorites. Here the colors of rainbow valley softly bring in the delicate sound of being at peace. It’s all so wonderful that describing this music is as good as impossible, which is why it’s better for you to just jump straight in and enjoy this split with your own ears.
(that is of course; if you have them!) ((if not, this release is worth borrowing a pair from someone else..)

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