Dark Orchard – Blossom

1Artist: Dark Orchard
title: Blossom
keywords: ambient, groove, vintage, sounds, jazz,

Jim Casson is a busy bee; he drums, plays percussion, keyboards, cherry tanks, samples, animoog and a delicious Theremin. Busy as this musician is, we can’t really blame him for signing up for a music submit service to do mailings and promotions for him, as a multi-instrumentalist like Jim has simply no hands and time left to type emails and promo mails to get the word about his album out.

The service that should have made the life of Jim easier did in fact disappoint by informing him that they had submitted his album to our humble blog. But whatever happened with the virtual mail deliverer; this mail had never been received or seen over here. An unfortunate event in which the dilemma once again pops up with artists trusting those services with their hard earned coins in order for them to pass on a message, so that suckers like us can write a passionate penniless review..

There is simply something not right about it, especially when the service brags about having submitted music to our team of exclusive YIKIS writers, and none of them saw or received this submission. It sucks… But the music captured on this fine album definitely not sucks at all! Luckily Jim Casson mailed us personally so we are still able to share this album with our eager readers.

Straight from the start this album goes for a hypnotic music session in which every instrument works together to create a spacious form of groove to trip on. The bass is so funky, the synthesizer squeezes out the best lines and the programmed samples really seems to be one and at comfort with each other. The result is something that will make you instantly forget about the problems in the world and simply put your mind away in a pleasant vibe of feel good funky music.

Next up is the friendly sentimental sounding ‘Qichwa’ that sounds like music made for those fantastic summer nights at a pleasant beach or hanging out at the boulevard with a relaxing drink among some good friends. The rhythm here is again irresistible, very fine and easy going to sink your head in and let it drive you. The sunny guitar melody is hopelessly romantic and does its best to give the feeling as if you are on vacation with not a single worry upon your mind. What a blessing!

And the good music vibes team up with good humor in the next tune named ‘Waterloo Clyde’, here a clean cut English sounding voice over delivers dada punch lines while kindly guiding the listeners through this heavy brass work that keeps the mood fun and comical. Good luck with someone wanting to write a negative review over here as the music simply won’t allow it! Really nice, Borat would say.

The music captured under the name of ‘Eduard’ won’t disappoint either, going for a midnight jazz vibe that lovers of Chet Baker might want to spoon up in pure delight. The recording quality of this album really seems to come out over here; it sound crystal clear and professional without losing the warm sound of it being played out in a respected music bar environment. The trumpet is sounding so nice and warm, as if it replaced the eyes as the mirror of the soul. Add that with the bass, the shaking rhythm and modern use of samples and you will hear the sound of the future mixing kindly with the past. The best of both world really..

‘Black Beach’ is proof that Jim Casson isn’t afraid to experiment and entertain music lovers with out of the ordinary sounding compositions. Here everyone’s favorite mystique instrument the Theremin seems to have a prominent role in the back ground, along with kind sounding dreamy synth work that calmly waves along. The two friends capture a dreamy form of music, something that feels raw and loose, just as if it came out of the blue inspired by a beautiful nostalgic view.

Jim Casson (and friends) keeps this music journey on a path of dreams and beauty. With ‘Isabela’ the ambient atmosphere in the pleasant sounding hypnotic mellowness gets the fine treatment of a fine drum groove, making enough source for energy to be finally being able to have a soundtrack to enjoy action, while relaxing at the same time. I have no idea who this ‘Isabela’ is, but hearing this, she must be beautiful and kind.

Another track that might be carrying a name of an actual person is Ruby. Personally I think it’s one of those names that is socially accepted as a male and female name. The music version captured over here by Jim Casson also seems to have taken a step towards sexless music. It’s perfectly okay to listen and enjoy no matter the body you are trapped in, as strangely all ears work the same, and this kind music softly flows in like a calm progression of love. And with this nicely performed love progression doing its sexless thing, there is no reason to not engage in a lovely romance with someone you love (either being with yourself or actually sharing this moment with someone else; might be a lovely and pleasantly romantic thing to do)

The album then makes way for a track named ‘Floreana’, it’s here that the music creates a wonderful mood that feels a bit like it could be the soundtrack for a love scene in a movie. For some strange reason I have to think about the ‘Dick Tracey’ movie and how much it missed such a scene and actually good music like this sexy mood played out over here.

The album takes a nice fun swift into a nice joy-able direction by reintroducing the announcement of the atomic bomb. The original (and quite frankly hilarious) ‘duck and cover’ instructions are functioning as the vocals on this funky and funny sounding shaking of a groovy tune. This is the moment in which ‘duck and cover’ turns into a interactive dance move instead of propaganda. Learn to stop worrying and have lots of fun!

After the instant dance party that appeared here in the reviewers’ office by spinning the previous tune way too loud, Jim Casson returns some peaceful environmental good bye music to the experience. This is named ‘Blossom’ and is the final end of this lovely journey.

It’s no surprise that it all sound so real and good, as Jim (the multi-instrumentalist) has a whole collection of fine musicians guest appearing on this album: Jeff Agopsowicz (trombone), Don Baird (Moog synthesizer) ,Brent Barkman (organ) , Raoul Bhaneja (voice) ,N. Jay Burr  (tuba), Gordon Cleland (cello), Bernie LaBarge (guitar), Bill Melymuka (trumpet, flugelhorn), Rich Moore (upright bass), Jamie Oakes (dobro) all have laid out wonderful contributions to the music of Jim Casson, and without further hesitation I would be very happy to provide you with a link from where this lovely album can be obtained in exchange for some of your money:

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