Mapleview Lounge – Half-Off-Pigs-In-A-Blanket-Every-Thursday

Artist: Mapleview Lounge
title: Half-Off-Pigs-In-A-Blanket-Every-Thursday
format: FLoppy
keywords: rock, indie rock, lo-fi, noise pop, pop, noise rock, power pop, Minneapolis
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Front-man and classically trained apathetic, Mr. Sharp frantically wrote the bulk of these songs in the time leading up to his 18th birthday. The EP captures many emotions of how he and the band members feel about love, growing up, and being painfully aware of who they are. Using humor and pop-inspired melodies, Mapleview Lounge disregards all that is glum and sees the world through an apprehensive lens before removing the lens because it has too much glare on it. Are these true emotions or are they emulations?

Good questions, music friends. I believe these kinds of questions are the ones that a good reviewer (after a full frontal analysis) should be able to answer. Or at least try to find one… Indeed the songs on this album are not an easy task to be researched on their emotional realness; they come across as diverse pop rock ramblings & some sound quite over the top, and others much more sincere. It’s a case of each song being their own thing, which probably makes it so hard to put a real stamp of ’emotional’ or ‘not so’ on the whole product.

Some songs are sounding very clean, with focus on the vocals done by a silly yet fragile sounding young sounding singer. But other songs are heavy leaning on a poppy energy format that drops the vocals more in the background, and let the music more speak for itself. In all honesty I think that those sound the best according to my ears. The full pop songs with energy are fun and might be labeled as ‘the perfect ones’, bringing fun to the ears in which everything  falls in the right place; creating a happy party!

Quite frankly a stark contrast with the slower less full songs that leaves the singer’s voice more exposed, sounding a bit more like a sarcastic comedian than a sincere sounding performer of ballads. But who knows, you might have a different opinion and perhaps you like these songs instead of those strong effective full on happy tunes. In any way this release covers both styles quite clearly and it’s reasonable to say that whatever style is off your likening; they sit here together in the obvious hope to make both critical parties happy.

These songs are recorded in the rodent infested basement of a former meth lab in Austin, which might be also a secret reason why these 8 songs (plus two bonus songs) are sounding so up and down. So energetic and up that you can imagine the band running around or standing on trashed chairs in order to escape those rodents, or somewhere knocked out in eccentricity after inhaling some left over chemicals. It must have been a bit like being in a roller coaster; going up slow with a joking voice and then going down with the sounds of happy adrenaline.

Extra bonus points should be given for the fact that each song is not just a bunch of crap, and that it is actually real music that is captured on these two floppy disks. It’s a rarity! And in case of owning one probably even more as there are only six made. And as the time moves on and the floppy diskette hype gradually drives collectors into pure madness, it’s best to quickly get your hands on one of the four remaining ones:

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