The Bordellos – the Bordello underground tape vol 1

Artist: The Bordellos
title: the Bordello underground tape vol 1
keywords: lo-fi. alternative psych, 60’s folk, punk, garage, pop, lo-fi, post-punk, psychedelic, folk, the fall, the bordellos, velvet underground, St Helens
reviewer: Willem van O.

Without even looking at the title of the first track, my mind had slipped away into a time period in which The Velvet Underground was a daily listen. The Bordellos must have had such a time period themselves as (nice people that they are) I can’t and simply refuse to imagine them having anything to do with the recreational use of Heroin. I simply can’t see The Bordellos high on this heavy stuff, although I do believe the Velvet Underground inspiration was definitely under the influence to invent this distinctive velvet sound. It must be said that The Bordellos did an actual good job to reenact this out-of-their-minds highness with the first track on this underground ‘lost tracks’ project.

The next track ‘vicious circle’ keeps this heroin flag high up in the air, and strangely it is an appealing result, revealing The Bordellos their loving and drowsy cuddle side & their skill to play the mouth harmonica so kindly. This is the music that glamorizes heroin use, even though there is no single hair on my head that suggests that The Bordellos are of the injecting kind or having any bad advertisement plans of glamorizing this drug that will get everything in the shits; it is still a marvelous reenactment of being doped up and still being able to make music.

These boots are made for stalking’ doesn’t leave this high as a kite feeling, and perhaps even adds a little sugar rush to simply underline it. It must be the pleasant fuzzy Lo-fi loudness, the crunchy sound that makes the flowers on the wallpaper melt. And ‘Beat so sweet’ doesn’t calm down, but seems to be created on top of their highness emulation game. I bet The bordellos are simply high on music, on their own sound and vibes; but even though knowing of them being clean cut personalities; it fairly sounds like the real thing. Perhaps reason to simply leave heavy drugs alone as The Bordellos proofs with this release that you simply don’t need it to enjoy music & to actually make it!

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